GAP’s pathetic lie!

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

Mkini pix (and original story here)

Most of you would have seen the above (right) photo by now.

This was the response by GAP to Azmin Ali’s challenge for UMNO Baru (Woit! BN where got some more lah), through their bloggers, to provide irrefutable evidence of Zaid Ibrahim’s indiscretion.


  • gambar ini dikirimkan kepada gap oleh ‘sumber dalaman pkr‘ . gambar ini disiarkan oleh gap bagi menjawap cabaran azmin ali kepada BN semalam.azmin ali dengan sengaja meminta BN membuktikan tohmahan kononnya zaid ibrahim seorang peminum arak yang tegar.apa niat sebenar azmin ali memberikan ‘bola tanggung’ ini kita sudah ketahui !
  • hari ini seperti yang aku janjikan,gambar zaid ibrahim dan wisky berjenama jack daniels didedahkan.samada ia beer,arak mahupun wisky ia tetap dianggap sebagai air kencing syaitan.haram tetap haram,sebagaimana kelakuan meliwat, rasulllah saw tetap takkan mengaku si peliwat sebagai umatnya !

And hey, even Utusan got into the act with a news report on the matter.

Yeah, right! UMNO Baru’s grubby fingerprints are all over this pathetic attempt for an expose, konon.

Sooo .. where’s the goat meat, yer say?

Well, read the article by Nutgraph “Dr M: A man of a hundred contradictions” written on 17th October 2008 and you’ll find the origin of said photo which GAP sez came from sources inside PKR.

(Original pix from Nutgraph)

In their effort at subterfuge, UMNO Baru and GAP have inadvertently opened another can of worms with TDM taking centre-stage.

Really stupid people, these umnonites.

(Posted earlier at OBE)

One Response to “GAP’s pathetic lie!”
  1. L H TAN says:

    From the picture, one will know that it is in Oldtown Kopitiam.
    Outside drinks not allowed.
    But wait too bad the rural kampung people are nuts so they won’t know.

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