Ridhuan Tee ‘campaigning’ for Umno

In his Utusan column on April 18, Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah wrote about his recent talk at the Selangor BN convention where he discussed the steps the coalition must take to win back Hulu Selangor.

He quoted Confucius [roll our eyes] – whom he said he believes must be one of the thousands of prophets in Islam because the Chinese sage’s wisdom does not contradict the spirit of Islam.

Choice excerpts:

His usual spiel: The BN component parties should not take the present opportunity to threaten UMNO now that the Malays are disunited. [And his PhD is in Political Science?!]

His favourite theme that Malays merempat in their own land – “In any case, Muslims are rarely envious of the wealth possessed by the non-Malays.”

More preaching: “For example, free sex, adultery, excessive entertainment, drinking arak, gambling and so on. There is no religion that allows these accursed acts. [Since when did he become such an expert in ALL the world’s religions?].

He praises Chew Mei Fun resigning in protest of Chua Soi Lek’s tainted morals.

And here it comes … “Sokonglah UMNO selagi mana ia berada di landasan yang betul.”

Below is the url of the Utusan article:


19 Responses to “Ridhuan Tee ‘campaigning’ for Umno”
  1. What does this man know about Chinese culture ?
    Therefore he should never ever try to talk least to preach about Chinese culture.
    Yes nature made a mistake to have him born as a Chinese, just like shenanigan Mahathir born with an Indian grand father, but what else does he know about Chinese ?
    He is a nature’s mistake simple as that !
    One thing he does know is how to sell himself to the Malay just like the shenanigan Mahathir. I am condemning him not because he became a Muslim but is the way he is trying to become what he is not, a Malay, but sorry regardless what he does he will never be entitled to all hand outs and special privileges the so called Malays get. I am a shame to be related to him. May be it takes one to recognise another, got it ?
    Finally, I will be willing to pay for him to have his skin colour changed to that of a Malay and he can say anything he wants and have as many clutches as he wants !!!!

  2. apaijugah says:

    This is the guy who just because he cut a bit of his foreskin thinks that he is now a Malay. As a paid clown of Umno, he can’t even do a decent job.

  3. Perogol Mak Lim Guan Eng says:

    Itu Tee a memang siall punya cina… mana2 pun sama juga cina Habit Paria

  4. Adi says:

    This running dog better go die early.

  5. kenntzen says:

    najib manaukau, apaijugah, perogol & adi,

    thank you for spitting on this RT dog,

    dare this RT dog to speak chinese @ indian mass

  6. Maxim says:

    Well if Mr. RT speak like Malay, live like Malay, eat like Malay, sleep like Malay, he WILL BE MALAY. After all that’s just the classification of malay. Anybody who is a Muslim, practise Malay way of life like Mr. Wanabe here, tehcnically will be classified as Malay. Just like what happens to thousands of Indon immigrant that flood to our cost. All of them are Malay in UMNO’s eye.

  7. My2cen says:

    Ridhuan Tee is nothing but a whore who’ll sell himself to the highest bidder. I think even some prostitutes got more self-respect than this creature.

  8. ajc says:

    May Allah forgive me, but this is one person I will spit on if he ever steps infront of me.
    I am no saint, but how the hell he’s does what he’s doing, knowing that it’s the absolute opposite.

  9. Hussin says:

    Please leave Ridhuan Tee alone. Pity him. Being new to the muslim world Tee is trying hard to demonstrate his goods for the good of 1 Malaysia. As the old Malay saying goes –
    * Kalau angin bertiup dari timur, pokok melempai ke barat.
    * Kalau berdiri hendak selesa, pandai2 lah cari tempat.

  10. ajc says:

    What hurts RT most is however hard he JACKS the umno goons, it remains that he until death will still not able to be an umno member.(His father chinese, he chinese, his son will also still be chinese.) This is different for people like Dr M, Zambry, Kadir and many more. Name change although Indians can join umno and fool the Malays. Special bred isn’t it?

  11. KIASU says:

    well done redwan Tee….we will support u! hell to all the chinese that pro to Comunist like DAp and PKR…We will never trust them, all!! f**k them all!!!

  12. Well Done1! says:

    Well done, Malaysians! Great comments! Continue to prove me right that you guys are pariahs 😀

  13. charleskiwi says:

    No matter how hard this guy tries he will still be a Chinese Muslim and not a Malay Muslim.
    The morons at Umno make it quite clear the difference between a Malay Muslim and a non Malay Muslim before the Tee guy will get the benefits and the privileges of a Malay Muslim. Sorry Tee you have sold your sold for nothing, blame Allah for that !

  14. Kok Ah Kow says:

    It is well known that Iran’s president, Ahmadinejad is dead against Israel. Do you know that his father or grandfather was a Jew and converted to Islam. Even Hitler has Jewish blood. So it is no surprise that Ridduan Tee is so against Chinese? It is because of his insecurity in his identity or need of acceptance by the other Muslims that he behaves the way he does. He wants to prove to the other Muslims whom he wants to be included that he has cut all ties with his roots. In short, what he does is to compensate what he lacks and needs.

  15. disgusted says:

    Yeah, a political prostitute

  16. amoker says:

    Ridhuan .. the mualaf who thinks that he is a malay. Please la except him as a malay. He uses ‘kita’ , including himself as a malay. Kesian him as he wants to be with the superior race.

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