No bow wow, claims ‘Kamal’

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

TMI published this report “Kamalanathan loses cool over criticisms” in which the ‘shocked-looking’ UMNO Baru endorsed MIC candidate said:

“Kiss his hand? When did I kiss his hand? Show me where I did that,” he exclaimed, looking miffed when asked at an unplanned press conference in Ladang Kerling near here.

(Pix credit to Minaq Jinggo)

Is this photo proof enough, macha?

And I hear Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali will ‘turun padang‘ soon sooo .. I guess ‘Kamal’ has to work harder on the ‘bow’ thingy coz that bloke is a little shorter than the DPM.

Otherwise, no ‘wow’ factor mah.

(Posted earlier at OBE)

6 Responses to “No bow wow, claims ‘Kamal’”
  1. Shamadz72 says:

    Print out this photo and distribute it to all Indian voters. IF they don’t feel insulted and vote for PR, than I don’t know what can make them feel insulted.

  2. jay says:

    Latest new from RPK, Kamalanathan does not have a degree from the said University, already lying.

  3. Adi says:

    ah ya , this guy will “disappear” after BN/Umno lose in the election.So nobody care whether he got degree/cert or kowtow or not.

    He just a normal indian man that work 9-5 .

  4. vengai says:

    Belum pun jadi MP, ini Kamal Parpu ndeh nak tutup bangkai gajah dengan TOOPA MUDI (rambut plasu} sami eee parpu ndeh.
    The minaq Jinggo picture clerly showing of him licking the UMNO-APCO moooooh hand.And yet he is denying it.

    Pengundi HUklu Selangor, Kamal Parpu ndeh aka calon UMNO-APCO ni akan lupakan janji-janji nya selepas jadi MP jika kamu mengundinya.Jangan menyesal kemudian.Than he is capable of saying that he did not give any promise to you all.

    Please vote for MR Zaid who is a princioled and honest men.Dont get dragged with that UMNO_APCO sandiwara of accusing Mr Zaid as alcholic and race horse owner.His wealth is from his own sweeat . Unlike UMNO-APCO and barisan Najis top gun who earn through bribe,commission,songlap public tender for cronies,woomenizers,murderares, kaki raba bontot,and the list go on.

  5. jay says:

    PKR should take advantage of this “kissing scene” and print poster and distribute in HS esp to the Indians, show how MIC are pak turut umno, how these MIC fellows are kneeling down to UMNO.They are just the unmo lap dogs.

  6. ulara says:

    I hope Muhyddin remember to wash him hand b4 that macha kiss it….Or is macha only want to have a better look at Muhyddin’s beautiful menicure^^

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