‘All China girls who work here are prostitutes’ – not!

How does one ever apologize for deliberate and calculated racism against Chinese?

By Shuzheng

Columnist Josh Hong’s ‘Rising above racism’ (Feb 26) in Malaysiakini refers.

Hong took to task local Chinese media for accusing Malaysian police of singling out Chinese nationals in the case of Li Junjie. He disagrees that Chinese women are being targeted in vice raids.

The truth of the matter is that Junjie became just another proxy for anti-Malaysian Chinese expression. Her arrest had nothing to do with prostitution since she isn’t a sex worker, and nothing to do with immigration since her visa was valid. She was imprisoned eight nights because Chinese are not welcome in Malaysia.

Hong’s argument is disingenuous when his imputation is as if Chinese media have portrayed that only Chinese nationals are profiled by police to the exclusion of other nationalities. His syllogism takes this line: Because other nationalities are also subject to police raids, the police are therefore not racist (he wrote: “[but] the same fate befell many other foreign women. It is therefore premature to argue that the … Malaysian police was driven by racism.”)

However, his premise is not framed in any period of time; there are no relevant statistical records – how many brothel raids, how many Chinese arrested per head count against what nationalities, how many released, prosecuted, deported, and so on – nothing.

Then he flips his tongue: Since the police are not racists whereas the Chinese, their media in particular, call police ‘racist’, then it is the Chinese that are racist.

Note the turns of phrases he uses: “erroneously detained”, “conceded mistake”, “good grace”, “singling out” and “hasty conclusion”. Split those terms into two halves for two sides — the police were mistaken but admitted their error; on the other hand, the Chinese were hasty despite the police apology and Junjie accepting the purported apology in “good grace”.

Columnist inaccurate

To verify if all that the Malaysiakini columnist says is true – “erroneous” detention and so on – it is as easy as going back to Junjie. She documented her experience within a week of her release, blogging about the night of her arrest. (My translation):

  • Police said: “We have received complaints that many Chinese girls work here, using the student visa. … All the Chinese girls who work here are prostitutes.”
  • Junjie: “Why do you keep only the passports of Chinese girls? Why did you just now return everything to the locals and the passports of Singaporeans? I have a valid visa. I don’t work here.”
  • In her third day in prison, Junjie was told by a policeman: “Very well then, since you are a student: I shall send you back to China and you can stuff yourself full with learning there. Don’t stay in my Malaysia.”

The facts of the case

From Junjie’s testimony, three things are clear:

  • Junjie wasn’t detained. She was arrested, and for no good reason. Prostitution is a Penal Code charge but Junjie was not produced before a magistrate. It suggests therefore the authorities were imprisoning her on an immigration charge that allows for detention without judicial oversight for up to 14 days.

Here, then, was evidence of malice: the police took her in on suspicion of prostitution but locked her up on an immigration charge which they could not establish.

  • If her so-called detention was purely an error, then the police repeated the error eight consecutive days. For years, no, for decades, Malaysian Chinese have heard the identical refrain, the same idea, a thousand times – balik Tongsan, or pendatang, or kalau you tak suka, keluar!
  • The police themselves demonstrated how they were “singling out” Chinese nationals. Compare how identity papers were returned to Malaysians and Singaporeans.

This “singling out” idea did not originate with the Chinese media as Hong claims.

Furthermore, Hong’s additional claim that Junjie accepted the apology with “good grace” is not supported by anything that the victim has said or blogged.

True, one would apologise for an ‘error‘ but in her case, it wasn’t an error but something deliberate and calculated. Besides, how does one apologise for malice and racism? And after all, if the police said sorry, they would have had to admit legal liability and hence be liable to compensation. In short, they didn’t express any regret.

Self-hating Chinese bigotry

Hong’s self-hating Chinese bigotry is all over his article which implies it is the Chinese as an ethnicity that are racists.

Of nearly 1,000 words, he devoted 900 to setting up this spite: “It is no secret that Chinese language dailies relish in sensationalizing ill treatment of Chinese nationals in Malaysia … epitomizing the ‘sorrow’ of the Chinese Malaysian community as a whole.”

But that “sorrow” would be true. The policeman delivering the message “don’t stay in my Malaysia” isn’t alone to say it. He was regurgitating after Ibrahim Ali, Utusan, Malaysia Today, Demi Negara, the radical hacks in PKR and countless Umno politicians and gangs for hire.

MACC officials said in effect the same to the DAP staffers held against their will as witnesses. The entire Malaysian bureaucratic apparatus deliver an identical message: “Get out.

A day after Junjie’s release, Ma Yanhong another Chinese national, stopping over in Kuala Lumpur enroute to the Middle East, was also picked up from a karaoke on the same charge – prostitution. Teresa Kok secured Yanhong’s release through a phone call to a close aide of Hishammuddin Hussein, the Home Minister.

Hong omits to mention this episode in his column although the news was in the Chinese media, simultaneously with Junjie’s case. He would rather have readers believe the Chinese media invented Junjie’s grievances in order to “sensationalize” and “to relish”.

But what need is there to invent anything when the details outlined by Junjie herself is for all to read although she posted about her ordeal only once and has written nothing since.

It is not a contradiction that the Chinese should spit at another Chinese. Ridhuan Tee is proof. Rather it is a reaffirmation because in Malaysia, it’s the national sport that is politically sanctioned.

In Hong, condemnation of racism becomes racism itself whereas defending your kin becomes racist. Thus, he rules that the Chinese are “racist-minded”. Aah, but he is not.

Yet rather than being an exception to the rule of bad-bad-Chinese, what he is in effect doing is simply adding his voice to the spilling of race hatred.


The above is a condensed version of ‘The Sedition of Josh Hong: A Ridhuan in Mkini’. The article in full can be read in the blog, http://shuzheng.wordpress.com.

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  1. samuel welsh says:

    that was a hard blow , fire the jerk who offended her

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