The Malaysian MSM’s Bullet In Aminul’s Head

by Eyes Wide Open

Reading this news report in the Sun, it sounds like our IGP is basically saying young Aminul brought his killing upon himself.


Musa blames situation for student’s fatal shooting
by Charles Ramendran

KUALA LUMPUR (April 29, 2010): Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan says the circumstances of the situation were to be blamed for the fatal shooting of 15-year-old Aminulrasyid Amzah, in Section 11, Shah Alam by the police early on Monday.

Aminulrasyid Amza

It would have been least expected that a 15-year-old would be driving a car at 2am on a weekday, and speeding off when ordered to pull over, he said when asked by reporters to comment on the circumstances of the shooting, at a blood donation drive in conjunction with the 203rd Police Day celebrations at the National Blood Centre on Jalan Tun Razak today.

He said the public should put themselves in the shoes of his men and understand the situation that led to the shooting.

“How are my men to know? Do you want people to do whatever they want to do, even when they are breaking the law. When I say this, people will say I am biased. The public must understand the situation.

So do they want us to enforce the law? (emphasis mine – EWO) If they don’t, just say so and I will tell my men. So no need to check suspicious looking cars, no need to stop the Mat Rempit.

“I have advised (the public) before, when ordered to stop, please stop because when you don’t, it raises suspicion and my men will have to decide on the next course of action.”

(Read the rest of the Sun’s report here)


That young Aminul broke the law by speeding, driving without a license, and disobeying police orders has NEVER been in dispute! What is haunting our nation’s conscience now is: did he have to be killed for it?

To add salt to the wounds in our national consciousness regarding this tragedy, Musa goes on to term his men’s killing of young Aminul as “enforcing the law”! It is absolutely unbelievable that the top cop in the country seems to condone the random killing of a young unarmed teen by his men!

So, here’s the first question that I would have personally like the press to get an answer from Musa:

is the first rule of law-enforcement in Malaysia “shoot to kill”?

I had always thought that in Malaysia’s legal system, death sentences are only carried out after the suspects had been arrested, investigated, charged, tried, and convicted of serious crimes, and they had exhausted all appeal channels.

Or are we now living in a Malaysia modeled after MegaCity One?

Judge Dredd, a law enforcement officer with combined powers of police, judge, jury and executioner.

Maybe I haven’t been updated on the latest changes in Malaysian law-enforcement?

But then again, Musa seems to be caught with his pants down when he was asked what are the circumstances that police are allowed to shoot their weapons. (It’s much tamer than my question above, but it’s still in the right direction.) His reply:

“In self-defence … the rules of engagement. It is not only a parang or a gun that can be used as a weapon. Even a vehicle can. If you refuse to stop or plough your way through, that can endanger the life of a policeman.”

Ahhh…self defence. Which brings me to the second question that the press should have made Musa answer:

in what way were your men in danger for their lives from Aminul?

According to the facts of the incident:

1.  The two “suspects” were young teen, middle-class boys facing a team of trained and toughened cops armed with deadly weapons.

2.  The two “suspects” were unarmed. (The cops said they found a parang in the car boot. Assuming that it’s true, they were still unarmed because they did not have it ready in their hands!)

3.  The police were chasing the car, so how could the vehicle be said to have been used to attack them?

4.  The vehicle’s tyres had been shot out causing it to crash into a wall. Some reports state that the front wheels were hanging over a ditch. As the Iswara is a front-wheel-drive model, how is it possible be maneuvered to run down the cops as Musa suggests?

Furthermore, in the police report lodged by the “second suspect” – Aminul’s friend who was in the car with him when he was killed – Aminul was already dead from the cops’ bullet before the car crashed to a stop.

So what’s this story about the vehicle being used to attack the cops?

The IGP’s statement is just too incredible to be accepted! Not only does it show ignorance of the facts of the case, it is highly insensitive to suggest that Aminul brought it upon himself.

If Aminul had been arrested, brought to court, charged, convicted and sentenced for his crimes – yes, he would have brought it upon himself because he knowingly broke the law.

But Aminul was killed on the spot with a bullet to the back of his head. Surely that is too much of a punishment for his minor offences?!

If this incident happened anywhere else in the world, there would be massive media outrage! The papers would have been asking the 2 very basic questions above (and other even tougher questions) and hounding the cops for the answers that the public demands.

But here in Malaysia, even though the news reports are merely verbatim quotes by officials and soulless regurgitating of the (censored) facts, our ever tame media is still being blamed for inciting public outrage over this tragedy!

Thus, we can probably (as usual) expect media coverage to taper off over the next weeks in accordance to (as usual) the wishes of their masters. This would render another tragic police killing as just another forgotten fact of life in Malaysia.

That’s not the worst part…

By refusing to express public outrage, the Malasysian MSM is in fact condoning the bullet in Aminul’s head!

There comes a time we have to ask ourselves: Is this media behaviour acceptable – where so many cases of senseless death by police hands is discarded and forgotten like yesterday’s newspapers? If they can be so cavalier about Malaysian lives, how much more cavalier are they with other Malaysian issues?

The other question we have to ask ourselves is:

Are we going to continue contributing to the profits of these people who condone official abuses and turn a blind eye to injustice?

I’d like to suggest something – let’s start a citizen movement. Let’s one of each of us commit to convincing at least 2 of our friends to wean themselves off the MSM opiate and get them to convince 2 of their friends too.

If enough people stop buying the lies, it’s going to hit them where it hurts the most – their bottom line.

It’s time that the MSM gets the message loud and clear that it’s the reading public who controls their business and not their political bosses.

10 Responses to “The Malaysian MSM’s Bullet In Aminul’s Head”
  1. damien says:

    no section of any law allows one’s life to be taken away except when found guilty of murder and drug trafficking by court of law.

  2. damien says:

    Set. 15 of the CPC clearly spelt out procedure to effect arrest BUT never says kill by all mean.

  3. leekh says:

    It is not just the MSM…but the doctors and the medical council….if they refused to sign death certificates that cover up the crime then the police will be in deep the greater collaborator to all the 1000 plus cases of death in police custody are the doctors who look the other way. Think of all the so called doctors who conducted the post mortem. Sometimes i wished that it was one of their relatives that had been subjected to torture and then we can see how they will jump!
    And then there are also the magistrates!!! Detainees have been brought before them..they can see the condition of the detainee before their eyes..they often hear of complaints…but did they bother to ask.? their job as judicial officers?…all these people are accountable…
    The time has come….

  4. Paul Warren says:

    Firstly, the IGP was holding the Rakyat to ransom.
    Secondly, by threatening to withdraw his men from their enforcement duties, he has insubordinated the very people he serves. In any private organisation he would have been sacked. Here he is basically showing his middle finger to the government and politicians.

    Secondly, the police are supposed to have shot out all four tyres. Now that, in my mind, is only possible if they had the car sandwiched between two police cars. That can be possible if they were on a three lane road or more. I really would like to know how it was that all 4 tyres were shot out.

  5. Francis says:

    The Police are a bunch of sissies and bullies. If they are scared to be attacked then they are in the wrong profession. This leads you to wonder why people continue to drive or ride without licenses. This can only be attributed to the scourge of corruption.

  6. Gamma Ray says:

    The time has come to walk the streets like in Thailand. I say unto all malaysians…All of you are arm chair critic and do not have the balls to do it. Be like the THAI people. Only this will save the country. Forget about elections……Take to the streets and reclaim our land.

  7. Alex says:

    When the police were allowed to be judge, jury and executioner to the cases involving the non-bumis, Joe Public didn’t have anything to say about it then. Of course, they were just ‘prisoners trying to escape’ and ‘killed themselves’. But when it comes to one of their own, now everyone is up at arms.
    The fact is power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The police in this country, together with the judiciary and other arms of government are corrupt and greedy. Can anything be done? Yes. The more important question is will anything be done? If you are a Malaysian, you will know that the answer is Malaysia, Boleh! But the truth is this does not apply to the average public like you and I, but for those with power and money.
    What will happen to Aminul’s case? They will be media hype, some police officers will be ‘penalized’ with a slap on the wrist etc, and then everything will be covered up until the next ‘sensational’ headline hits the newsmedia. Malaysia Boleh right?

  8. kaypee says:

    Lucky the policemen did not lodge a report stating something like this:- “Bertindak di atas maklumat daripada sumber yang boleh dipercayai yang menyatakan sebuah kereta No. xxxx dengan 2 suspek samun telah kelihatan di ……… kami telah menjalankan pemantaun dan apabila kami nampak kereta tersebut kami cuba menahan tetapi pemandu kereta tersebut telah cuba melanggar kami dan ketika itu juga kami nampak penumpang kereta tersebut menghayun sebilah parang ke arah kami. Kami cuba menahan kereta tersebut tetapi telah gagal. Oleh kerana kami takut akan keselamatan kami terpaksa melepaskan beberap tembakan ke arah kereta tersebut di mana setelah kereta tersebut melanggar tembok sebuah rumah salah seorang penghuni kereta tersebut didapti terkena peluru yang dilepaskan ke arah kereta tersebut. blah blah. ”

    Those who are familiar with section 23 (1) (a) of the Criminal Procedure Code will agree that a reasonable complaint or a credible information more that sufficient for the police to arrest and detain anyone.

    But see section 15 (3) of the same Code which states ” Nothing in this section gives a right to cause the death of a person who is not accused of an offence punishable with death or with imprisonment for life”.

    Let us see how they justfy this extra judicial killing compared to all the other killings.

  9. telur dua says:

    Thankfully Aminul’s friend live to tell the story. He could have been killed along with Aminul.

  10. Billy says:

    This is what happens when you have recruits who are less academically qualified joining the force. They simply don’t use their brains. With such a low mentality, they couldn’t help but feel like Superman the moment they dorn on the uniform. And with the gun at their sides, they think they are Wyatt Earp and facing off the Clantons, i.e. Aminulrasyid Amza and his friend, like in “Gunfight at OK Corral”.
    So the justification to shoot to kill is self-defense. What if the two boys stopped the car, came out with their hands high in the air and walked towards the police. Could the police have shot them in self-defense? Remember we are talking about our police who are not graduates but some Form 3 candidates who we now know hardly know the awesome responsibility of having a gun.

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