Cerita hantu: Ghosts in MACC & RTM

By Hartal MSM

TV2 producer Chou Z Nam (whose documentary series on the Bakun Dam mysteriously disappeared) asks if there is a ghost in RTM.

Ya lor, if things go bump in the night, then his tapes must have been filched by a mischievous toyol.

(1) Read Chou at his blog.

(2) MACC moved from Plaza Masalam to Wisma PKPS in March. Imagine that!

A whole government agency shifted its headquarters and all its staff after Teoh Beng Hock was plunged from the building. By the way, the management claims their office relocation had absolutely nothing — eeelek, nope, nada — to do with TBH’s restless spirit.

(3) A famous ghost story most people know is of course, MacBeth, “Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?”
(Act II, Scene 2)

4 Responses to “Cerita hantu: Ghosts in MACC & RTM”
  1. Borneo Man says:

    The Chinese always say that only people who do evil things to others are haunted by ghosts. I’m sure there are many who walk the corridor of Petrajaya too.

  2. Li Huat Chai says:

    Beng Hock, haunt them down, those MACC’s officers and those hands they approved it, show them that u r alive, u r following them wherever they go…

    not only in the office but their house as well, and their bedroom, toilet, every where, till the shit come out of them and make them go crazy till they confess like what we see in the tv.

  3. alamminang says:


  4. mystery says:

    Where’s a ghost?

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