Editor penyebar fitnah perlu dirotan 80 kali

World Press Freedom Day in Malaysia? Big yawn …

What to do about the hopeless press here?

uppercaise [shouldn’t he spell his moniker UPPERCAISE, by the way?] commemorated ‘the day’ in ‘Malaysian Media Matters’ with a post (May 3) about the posturing adopted by those who think they are the face of media in Malaysia [and might we add, the poseurs who think they are ‘Centres’ of media pin-ups].

In his earlier (April 24) Shock! Media not free! Gasp! write-up, uppercaise even mentioned lil’ ol’ us when rounding up the responses to ntv7 producer Joshua Wong’s resignation.

Uppercaise wrote “CIJ has the usual regrets and Aliran makes the usual noises[emphasis ours]; “HartalMSM likes to egg on more to quit. Maybe they’ll be happier when all the pros are gone and the rest of the zombies have taken over”.

Errr, CIJ is the posturing ‘centre’ — Big, BIG, yawn — that we alluded to in the paragraph at the top.

But here’s an unusual posting also in conjunction with the Day that we think worth pointing out to you, our dear reader – ‘Editor penyebar fitnah perlu dirotan 80 kali’.

You can read it at the blogger LanH’s site, http://lanh14.blogspot.com

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