MCA shoots itself in foot over Aminulrasyid

By Hartal MSM

MCA central committee member Ti Lian Ker accuses Malaysian Insider of ‘discrepancies’, ‘slant’ and ‘distortion’.

The blog posting wherein the Chinese party’s NGO liaison bureau chief makes his accusation is here. You can check out whether you think Ti’s accusations have any validity.

The Insider report is based on Ti’s press statement cautioning ‘trial by media’. To quote him verbatim: “Getting the friend of Aminulrasyid Amzah to tell his version of what happened leading to the shooting of the 15-year-old is an unethical move and may influence public perception and judgment.”


And quite typical of an MCA man, he can’t seem to get his narrow mind away from Race, Race, Race: “Had Aminulrashid Amzah been a non-Malay, the public frenzy will be greater due to the perceive [sic] racial slants on the ground…,” – Ti said in his statement.

We’re speechless that this MCA spokesman should feel that the other boy Azamuddin Omar who survived the police brutality must not tell the public his side of the story.

After all, this is what the police had said about the two boys: “seorang yang disyaki penyamun ditembak polis awal pagi di Seksyen 11 Shah Alam….sebilah parang dijumpai di dalam kereta disyaki digunakan sebagai senjata untuk menyamun….suspek kedua berjaya melepaskan diri.”

Azamuddin is classified “suspect No.2” by police. So the CPO Khalid Abu Bakar can freely make public statements but a teen accused of robbery cannot defend himself of the charge?

(1) The police said they found a parang in the car. Is Azamuddin not allowed to tell the public that  there was no parang in the car?

The car owner, Aminul’s sister Tuty Shaninza Anon Amzah, and brother-in-law Muzafar Mahali also said no parang was kept in the vehicle. Might we expect Ti Lian Ker to similarly declare that the victim’s sister is ‘unethical’ to reveal this info [and hence complicate or interfere with investigations]?

(2) Police claimed the driver reversed his car to ram them. If Azamuddin had not come forward to give his account, we wouldn’t have known that Aminul was by then already slumped at the wheel in a pool of blood and the car in a ditch.

The circumstances leading to the loss of this boy’s life is too painful to contemplate. It is the police who are inflaming public anger with their stories. Why is Ti pointing his finger at public discussions instead?

35 Responses to “MCA shoots itself in foot over Aminulrasyid”
  1. Leong Yook Kong says:

    The moronic Ti’s press statement cautioning ‘trial by media’ makes the rakyat look like idiot.

  2. Penang Voter says:

    Oi !!!!

    Aminulrashid Amzah is a MALAYSIAN.

    You dumb shit, what are you taking about. These Gerakan folks can really sing through their assholes.

  3. TOKZ says:


    The reason why I see this case is being SENSATIONALIZED is simply becos’ PAKATAN RAKYAT wants to capture CHEAP PUBLICITY.

    Let me warn here that for PAKATAN RAKYAT to take advantage of the limelight here will NOT benefit anybody except themselves.

    PAKATAN RAKYAT is fakingly perceive to be helping the VICTIM’s family members, while Pro-PAKATAN BLOGGERS are writing EXTRAORDINARY SHITS in their blogs simply to make this case look as if it’s the END OF THE WORLD.

    After all, the BOY had DIED & The DEAD BOY might be the ONE at FAULT in the 1st place. So, why not allow the COPS do their investigation fairly, ok?

    • Nasir Khan says:

      You dumb2 you…it’s very clear the police was trying to cover the whole thing up..which leads to the IGP and KP Selangor giving contradicting and stupid statements. These two goons should just resign!

  4. Rosmah says:

    Chua Soi Lek was given an ultimatum to stay relevant, so his machais are doing just that; say anything, no matter how stupid or ridiculous, to support Najib & his band of robbers. No need to be surprised, that’s how they are bred. They can’t get it thru’ their thick skull that this is 21st century, and they are facing a very different electorate, well, at least half of us have moved onto the 21st century. We are literate, have access to multiple news channels, and opinionated. We just don’t swallow what they tell us anymore.

  5. Abobo says:

    Ti’s mum must have masturbated herself too much, then came the single-cell creature called “Lian Ker”

  6. klm says:

    Yup. Ti Lian Ker is trying to re-invent MCA to be relevant. Kapow! and his foot is gone

  7. maria says:

    abobo, eventhough u hate ti so much, but please do not say anything bad about his mother to vent your anger. that is so rude. what makes u think your mother is so good? she doesnt know how to teach her son “manners”, huh!?

  8. maria says:

    and please read ti’s statement carefully. it doesn’t say that he agrees to the shooting of aminulrashid. he just doesn’t agree when with the press statement made by aminul’s friend and he has a valid reason why. please read the statement carefully. some people (oppositions) are taking advantages on what happen.

  9. La says:

    Ti Lian Ker is a stupid fella and a fool. He doesn’t know what trial by media means. Is giving a first account of the incident as seen, heard and experienced by the witness to rebut the lies and untruthfulness peddle by Musa and Khalid amounted to ‘trial in the media’.

    What a goon this Ti is. You have such an idiot as MCA’s Supreme Council member speaks volume of the state MCA is in. The party is totally irrelevant and useless.

    Any reasonable and prudent man would have been aghast at the media statement of Musa and Khalid when investigation was ongoing and had not been completed. They were not the IOs and yet give an untruthful account of the incident as if they were at the crime scene when it happened. Was the incident shot on camera for them to come out with their stupid statement. Ti , the fool , is barking at the wrong tree lah.

    Ti should have his head examined, cross-examined and re-examined. Do it three times.

  10. La says:

    Musa & Khalid should have kept their mouth shut in the first place while investigation is being carried out. Why peddle half-truths. Have the boy’s statement been recorded by the police for them to make such untruthful statement.

    Let investigation be completed and let the AG decides. Ti should have kept his mouth shut instead of giving unsolicited opinion.

  11. Foo says:

    Does anyone need any proof of MCA’s irrelevance?

  12. Kak Mah Senior says:

    Siapa yang perbesarkan cerita ini PKR atau polis? Please check back.
    Jangan sekali kali salahkan Azamuddin yang menceritakan perkara yang telah berlaku.
    Apa kata rakyat tentang polis yang mengatakan bahawa ada parang dalam kereta.
    UMNO, MCA dan MIC macam tak peduli dengan apa yang sedang berlaku.
    Menteri menteri macam hilang lidah.
    Wakil rakyat BN menolih ke sebelah lain atau pura pura tutup mata atau zzzzzzz

  13. telur dua says:

    I don’t know what to make out of this Ti Lian Ker.

    Is he so hard-up for two seconds of fame? Is he blind? Or is he stupid?

    Maybe he is all of the above.

  14. Maria says:

    1) blame the cops for shooting
    2) blame aminul’s parent for not supervising her late son until he could be allowed to go out at night and drive without license at wee hours.
    3) blame the media for sensationalising this case
    4) blame aminul for going out so late at night, for driving illegally and when the police wanted to
    stop the car, he ran away and looked like they had done something very bad n suspicious

    5) blam

  15. jbmali says:

    JBMali, here’s another video you should watch – – Shar101.

  16. totally unhappy says:

    in Hainan, ti means dead. I suppose this ti guy is really braindead to come out and make such a statement so as to be in somebody’s good books. politicians with IQ ZERO usually do such things.

  17. totally unhappy says:

    the igp should be suspended for making such child-like statements. that if we as citizens have so much to talk about the incident, do we want him to order all the policemen back to their barracks. he should just say that proper investigation will be carry out to find the truth if he has any cow sense. that when anything happened to the police force nobody care or show concern for them. hey, you guys are paid to do your jobs and why do you need people to sympathise with you. real setengah tiang, don’t you think so?

  18. TOKZ says:


    Pls. check this link out……

    Polis bunuh BUDAK MAT REMPIT……..”SALAH”!!!
    Pakatan Rakyat BUNUH orang…….”BETUL & BOLEH’!!!
    And the Malay Mail report sez –
    Go ask Rocky for the truth, TOKZ – Shar101.

  19. r u stoopid? says:

    I read Ti’s original statement and he made a lot of sense. Did DAP coached the boy and put the entire police on trial?
    Did the police shot at a boy or a suspect driving dangerously and suspiciously.
    At least Ti has a name and a face. He speaks for a balance and ask for caution in the open.
    Unlike some of you who are real cowards and talk nonsense.
    Shame on you.

  20. TC2 says:

    BN shld play as dirty as Pakatan by going to the media and pressure the police to charge him for reckless driving or manslaughter.
    But BN is not as dirty!
    Hmm .. same email & IP address as ‘R U Stoopid?’. BN not as dirty meh! – Shar101.

  21. yuking says:

    When will Malaysians, especially the non-malays come to their senses and stop believing the UMNO racist politicians in whatever they say, especially on trying to change and all that jazz?

    Never in a million years will those UMNO racist malays ever change – they are a disgrace to their own race and a sorry case for a human being.

    Transparency, integrity, dignity?……….give me a break, the UMNO racist morons don’t even know how to spell the words, let alone understand what they mean.

  22. ruyom says:

    For Royal Professor Ungku Aziz to say that there was no social contract between the founding fathers of our nation, this has put a nail in the coffin on those ultra-malays who still see Ketuanan Melayu as a cornerstone for race relationships in this country.

    While other matured and well-developed nations have put to rest the ‘master and slave’ relationship among the various races, it baffles the mind of thinking people why should such policy still remain relevant in this 21st century here in Malaysia. We might call our British colonial masters ‘Sir’ or ‘Tuan’ in the early days but after half-a-century of independence, don’t you think that such thinking is out of date?

    Malay rights have been ensconced in the federal constitution and cannot be taken away unless by a two-thirds majority in parliament subject to the malay rulers approval. No one doubts that in the early days, the bumis especially the malays, needed affirmative actions to take them out of their cycle of poverty to be on par with other races, especially the Chinese.

    But the NEP has outlived it purpose and it should be replaced with a new policy which will eradicate poverty regardless of creed and race.

    The playing field should be more even and let the best among the best compete among themselves in order for our nation to progress in the future. Why should rich malays with their ‘right political connections’ obtain a big slice of the economic cake while the poor people are denied such opportunities to get them out of their cycle of poverty?

    To be a respected race, the malays must discard the notion that the government will always have to provide them with opportunities in studies and business as if it was their birth right. The malays should be able to compete with the other races on an equal footing and work hard to improve their lot rather than expecting handouts from the government.

    Ungku Aziz, a towering malay whose intellectual thinking is way ahead of his time, has opened a Pandora Box’s with his outright statement that there is no written ‘social contract’ among the various races prior to independence. Umno politicians will now cry foul about his daring statement as they will always use the Ketuanan Melayu bogey to win the hearts and minds of the malays to support their cause. .

    But the malays cannot be in a denial mode anymore. We must accept the fact that in the brave new world that we live in where people and capital move to places where no restrictions are imposed, the old way of doing business by having quota systems will drive capital away from our country and the people will suffer in the end if business opportunities pass our shores.

    The malays should look at their Singapore brethren who are no less the worse although unlike their Malaysian cousins, they does not have any NEP policy to get a leg up in society. There is no short cut for success unless you work hard for it.

  23. aston says:

    I think if Lee Kuan Yew is given a free reign to govern Malaysia for just a single term, Malaysia will double its GDP, poverty will be cut by 50%, corruption will spiral down and our jail will be filled with Tun, Tan Sri and Datuk.

    Of course it is just a dream but what a nightmare Malaysians are now suffering!

    • NOTSA says:

      Fantastic Idea ! Only for a single term and then it will be all the way downhill with these zealous bigots in control.

  24. coolooc says:

    Malay history start from Parameswara who escape from Indonesia and settle in Melaka. During his time, Laksamana Cheng Ho visit Melaka seven times.

    Melaka need the protection of the China from the invasion of the Siamese. Without Cheng Ho, there won’t be malay history, instead you have Siam history.

    I pity Malaysian Muslims, you probably are the least free people in this world! Even Indonesian Muslims are allowed to practice apostasy when they become adults!

  25. fargowin says:

    The truth hurts.

    The Chinese or the yellow race is what brings progress. Just look at Asia……….is enough.

    Whether they do it internationally or locally they will survive.

    We can distinctly see the lowering of Malaysia standards of living as the percentage of Chinese in this country goes down.

    In the 70s we were tops with 40 over percent of Chinese and today with only 25 percent we are far behind Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea.

    Main reason is the number of such Chinese migrating to these countries – the best ones and rich ones.

    Next ten years as the percentage goes even lower, we would be nearing Indonesia or Philippines.

    Meanwhile enjoy your stay and the good time.

    On the whole as the Chinese spreads out throughout the world, the average standards of these will have much higher standards of living over others.

    • Race has no bearing on success. Malays or any race who migrate overseas do equally well as immigrants.

      Instead of saying how only one race brought progress to Malaysia, how about we change our thinking and see how we can all contribute to building Malaysian human capital and provide opportunity for all Malaysians regarding race?

  26. kentanjim says:

    Morons like Perkasa talk about sacrificing. We have as yet to hear what sacrifices they are speaking about. Today, Malaysia is ruled by a single regime not so different from Burma. They call themselves UMNO. In fact, Malaysia has been under Emergency Rule for the past 40 years. Still in a state of Emergency.

  27. hartalmsm says:


    a) Why are all of you sharing the same PC?

    b) Between 4.16am and 4.36am, did all six of you get the sudden urge to comment on this posting but are not addressing the issue i.e. Aminulrasyid’s tragic death.

    Seriously, are you no better than the UMNO Baru cybertroopers?

  28. Against NP says:

    Yes. Cybertroopers. Like that NP. Very bad!

  29. NP says:

    I say! Someone mentioned my name? 😀

    Hi EWO. How are you?

  30. NP says:

    a) Why are all of you sharing the same PC?
    b) Between 4.16am and 4.36am, did all six of you get the sudden urge to comment on this posting but are not addressing the issue i.e. Aminulrasyid’s tragic death.


    LOL. Intelligent bunch I see. At least make the effort to change IP address la. These random people are really giving HMSM a bad name.

    On the other hand, NP is really raising the profile of HMSM 😀

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