Ridhuan Tee on the Jews of Malaysia

His Utusan column of May 16.

Ridhuan Tee: Pecah, pecah, pecah…sampai bilakah kita akan terus berpecah. Perpecahan umat Melayu Islam sudah sampai ke akar umbi.

Hartal MSM: Note his use of ‘kita’, ‘kita’, ‘kita’ thoughout his many articles – us. He is not ‘us’ with the race he was born into but ‘us’ with his broken record of “nasib Melayu di bumi Melayu”. He likes to bullshit to the Malays that he knows how the Chinese mind works because he is a person belonging to the Chinese community, and in his pretense, he quotes Confucious and Mencius. He defiles these Chinese sages through the association with his writings.

RT: Ini tidak, dari politik, sosial, ekonomi dan namakan apa sahaja bidang, boleh dikatakan semua kita lemah. Kita lemah atas bawah, depan belakang, kiri dan kanan. Saya tercari-cari di manakah sudut sebenarnya kita kuat? Apakah keadaan ini yang menyebabkan orang lain mengambil kesempatan?

Hmsm: He is saying the Malays are politically weak and this will allow ‘orang lain’ to take advantage of Malays.

RT: Ini menjadikan saya teringat protokol Yahudi zionis yang mahu menghancurkan Islam melalui pelbagai perancangan dan perencanaan mereka. Saya pernah terbaca Resolusi Mesyuarat Cendekiawan Zionis di Brussels, Switzerland tahun 1897. Intipati resolusi ini lebih kepada perancangan Zionis untuk menakluk dunia dari pelbagai sudut.

Hmsm: The mighty Jews want to take over the world!! Then how come these strong and all-powerful conquerors couldn’t even protect themselves but died 6 million of them in the Holocaust?

RT: Sehingga kini, mereka tidak pernah putus asa untuk menguasai dunia, bermula degan menguasai Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB), Tabung Kewangan Antarabangsa (IMF) dan NGO antarabangsa. Dengan cara itu mereka dapat menguasai ekonomi, politik, kewangan, sosial, agama dan semuanya seperti yang dirancangkan.

Hmsm: And rolling out his favorite phrases, “gunting dalam lipatan”, “musang berbulu ayam”. Did we say “broken old record” earlier? He’s gone as far now as to call a certain community “ulat-ulat ultra kiasu”.

RT: Orang-orang Yahudi mempercayai bahawa mereka adalah tuan kepada dunia ini dan mereka tidak pernah percaya kepada orang lain. Kalau boleh mereka menghapuskan semua agama, terutama Islam dan seterusnya menjadikan orang lain hamba mereka.

Hmsm: The “enemies of Islam” old standby.

RT: Bagi memastikan matlamat Yahudi ini tercapai, maka mereka bertindak memusnahkan perusahaan bangsa lain … dengan memupuk tabiat suka kepada maksiat (kejahatan) dan meminum arak di kalangan pekerja, serta mengambil langkah menghapuskan golongan terpelajar dari kalangan bangsa lain.

Hmsm: For a Muslim, he sure obsesses about arak.

RT: Untuk mengalih perhatian mereka daripada memikirkan persoalan politik, maka agen Yahudi akan membawa mereka kepada kegiatan-kegiatan hiburan yang melalaikan, seks bebas, filem dan bahan porna, sukan, pesta dan sebagainya, sehingga mengalpakan kita daripada agama.

Hmsm: More obsession about ‘free sex’. What goes on in that obsessive mind of his under the songkok?

RT: Sebagai umat Islam, sudah pasti kita wajib menghalang perancangan jahat Yahudi laknatullah ini.

Hmsm: He’s reminding a Muslim of his duty against the enemies of Islam.

RT: Seburuk-buruk kita, kita tetap bersaudara. Berkawanlah sesama saudara daripada berkawan dengan musuh atas nama Islam.

Hmsm: He’s saying Muslims must stick with Muslims. So Muslims must stick together with him. Just remember to take a bath afterwards.


After close to 1,800 words of verbal diarrheoa on how the Jews destroy their host communities, Ridhuan concludes …

RT: Sebenarnya yahudi itu sudah berada di depan mata kita.

(The Jews are already right in front of our eyes.)

34 Responses to “Ridhuan Tee on the Jews of Malaysia”
  1. StevenO says:

    Yak!! I malu lah, I orang Cina.

    I wonder if the Malays are proud of him? A celop Melayu speaking of their behalf. Think he’s a real strategist learning the art of deception from another thief and racist mamak kutty!!

  2. StevenO says:

    Think I should clarify that I am orang Malayisia keturunan Cina but can that lowdown say he is orang Malaysia keturunan Melayu?? Buat malu aje!

  3. 4RAKYAT says:

    ya, memang yahudi berada di depan kita – kat bukit aman.

    atas jemputan musa hasan dan kerajaan umno baru / barisan nasional.

    memang begitu.

  4. cheah sin kooi says:

    I dont know about you guys…..seems to me like , everytime this guy open his mouth,
    ….like someone just FARTED…

  5. Billy says:

    If he can sell out his race, I see no reason why he could not sell out his mother. And if he can sell out his race, are you sure he will not sell out the Malays whose race he does not belong to? There is this story of Genghis Khan. One day two soldiers from the enemy camp came to inform him that they wanted to join him and the good news was that they have killed their leader. To prove it, they brought the head of the leader to Genghis Khan. Instantly, Genghis Khan had the two soldiers executed. The reasoning? If they can betray their own leader, what is stopping them from betraying him?

  6. Billy says:

    This same story of betrayal also appeared in the Old Testament of the Bible where King David executed two enemy soldiers who killed their leader and wanted to defect to his side. The Malays should do the same to Ridhuan Tee. No matter how he tried to dress, talk and pray, he is still a Chinese through and through. A DNA test should put him in his place.

    • Sulaiman Yusof. says:

      This mangkuk ayun is an opportunist . Let us not enhance his race or origin. Certainly he has his masters looking at him, his interest must be great for him to take care off. What do you expect to say…gp against his towkey? In short he is not the man of principle but more an opportunist, no doubt the are some substance to what he has written but he wrote with motives.

  7. cslee says:

    How stupid of him to think that we the other Malaysians are as brainless like him. How he think he is such a religious learned man and how superior is the one race is to the other just because of their professed faith.
    I guess he hope to get his reward and praise from man which is mortal than the one and only true Creator whose loves knows no bound, full of grace and truth.

  8. telur dua says:

    Make no mistake, not only ‘yahudi itu sudah berada di depan mata kita’, he is one.

    Tee is the Chinese version of Abraham Ellie.

  9. telur dua says:

    Now I understand why the minority Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka fought the way they did.

  10. My2cen says:

    Ah Tee’s right, Melayu memang lemah dan dah berpecah. Mereka begitu lemah, sehingga Kutty & Ah Tee boleh menyusup masuk dan menjadi Melayu Islam. But can Muslims be good Muslims when they lie about their own birth, their own existance??

    Ah Tee’s also right about the Jews, they are here indeed. At the invitation of the IGP, and then extended by the PM.

  11. cslee says:

    Let me speak to you as a fellow human being. You are made the same as everyone else just like you look like your parents.
    We are all belong to one race called the human race, so stop propagating hatred towards the other by your racial and bigoted rethoric that stink to high heaven thinking that people believe in what you are writing.

  12. Malaysian says:

    What is wrong with this Tee guy? Always faulting and condemning others. What has others done wrong that whatever that comes out from his mouth is all about how bad non Muslims are. Now I am beginning to think his man is not a human being.

  13. mlm says:

    Don’t the Malays realize he is actually their ‘musuh dalam selimut’, ‘gunting dalam lipatan’, etc…?

    He is the one pretending to be a Malay, giving all Malays bad name.

  14. bu(a)ng says:

    RT continues to sustainedly amaze everyone including me with his hollow-man acts and great hubris. I agree with what everyone has said above. Spewing a different sermon from a different pulpit yet it simply defies reasoning for any discerning and right thinking Malaysian. So far, he’s an interesting personality to watch out for, nonetheless, for the wrong reasons, that is.

  15. Tee should have his skin celop and renounced his Chinese heritage not because he has become a Muslim
    rather as a Malay that he is not and never will be in his life time !

  16. charleskiwi says:

    What does Tee know about Confucious ?
    He is not even good enough to lick his ass clean after Confucious has done his job let
    alone talk about him !

  17. Tea Bag says:

    This Ridhuan Tee could be mistaken for a tea bag. An overbrewed tea bag. A spoilt rancid cuppa. He had been disowned by his ancestors. A turncoat and a traitor.

  18. PickToTell says:

    Ya, Umno needs a Chinese Muslim to lead, because he is more Malay than Malay and he is Chinese but not thinking like Chinese. Keep it up Tee! You may become a PM that accepted by Malay and Chinese.

  19. amoker says:

    Is he not a Yahuid himself? Ok, lets not insult the Jews.

    I wonder why the Perak Sultan gve him a Datuk … same ayam flock together?

  20. jungleboy says:

    Someone should ask Ah Tee whether he is MALAY or Malaysian first? Let’s see what he will claim to be.

  21. NP says:

    Why you want to give this nonsense fella any space on your site? As you can see from above, it’ll only attract (majority) negative remarks. I think Malaysians are well aware of this person. Something different please.

  22. telur dua says:

    If he was born in Sri Lanka he would want to be Singhalese. Of course in China he will swear that he is Chinese. In Senegal he’ll say he is black. LOL.

    Malays will treat this moron as a joke. What a useless scum who would deny his ancestry to align with the majority to attack his own race. Ptui!

  23. NP says:

    Telur dua,

    You are showing yourself to be a moron too!

  24. Alan says:

    Well, this ‘Riduan’ is just someone who kowtows to UMNO. Nobody, even most Chinese educationists, can fully understand the Classical Chinese that’s used by the ancient sages, and he just simply quotes them. I hope the Malays will not fall into their trap. By the way, Ridhuan, do you think that the Malays will share their special priviledge with you? Of course not. Otherwise, their peruntukan Melayu will be diluted.

  25. didi says:

    Hey Ridhuan Tee, my grandfather was a chinese muslim too but when he converted to Islam it’s not because he wanted to become a malay but he wanted to become a muslim. You keep on saying malay muslim this and malay muslim that but have you forgotten that there are other muslims of different races? My grandfather never let us forget our heritage. I’m proud to be both malay and chinese. Maybe because of your eagerness to lick the balls of you political masters you also seemed to forget that Islam is a religion of inclusion. It doesn’t choose its followers based on their race and skin color.

  26. Faz says:

    Look at how he points his finger – so Un-Malay. In Malay culture, it’s considered rude!

  27. Truth-seeker says:

    i dun know from where that article was taken..but it is unfair to just take certain part of his speech to criticise his(Ridhuan Tee) whole ceramah..if u read the above article properly,he never said that he is a malay.i believe the word ‘kita’ he used to stress dat all muslims are brothers & sisters just like what Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) has said.BUT i didn’t say he was right to criticize other races such as JEW.most of muslims especially in Malaysia dun know the fact that NOT ALL JEWS support the creation of the state of Israel.a distinction must be made btwn Zionist & non-Zionist Jews.For instant,the Heredi or the Orthodox Jews(see Naturei Karta),they totally opposed the creation of the state of Israel..according to them the jews(in exile)are forbidden to rule Palestine(Israel) bcoz it will prevent the upcoming of their Messiah(Jewish Messiah).
    I agree with RT in his point that the Zionist are trying to control the world…its true that they(Zionist)control the IMF,& i believe even USA is in their control if not then why all the presidential candidates(during election period)will go to AIPAC to tell the Zionist that they will always back up the Israel..here it seems that all the candidates must have the Zionist blessing b4 they can contest n become the USA President.
    Note:until today there is no single evidence to prove that 6 millions Jews were killed during WW2 plus there is no evidence of ‘GAS CHAMBER’ had been used to kill The Jews.Their(Nazi)plan was to transport out the jews frm Europe n send them to Russia n Asia..of course during this process a lots of jews hv died.

  28. thewalker says:

    Agree with Truth-seeker.

    The writer of this 3rd grade post is kind of retarded, just taking incomplete point and copy paste here and there. No integrity whatsoever. Must be some loser with identity crisis.

    Arrive at this blog and there goes my 10 minutes of life reading retarded blog that having a retarded writer. Better go back to primary school.

  29. simply says:

    Nothing essentially wrong with what he is saying. THe man is entitled to his views.

  30. kungfutze says:

    I don’t understand why many of you against him, its okay to say what he thought from his point of view, from his study and what he belief, what i see many of you just criticized him without any knowledge compares to him. He never mentioned being a malay. “WE” means Muslim, that is very clear. And if you failed to differentiate that, that is not his fault, its yours.

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