‘Star’ bosses have a soft spot for models

We got this bit of trivia from Malaysiakini’s report on The Star annual general meeting of May 24 — “There was then laughter among about 200 shareholders when they were told that a popular model had four stories on her including pictures in one day. According to the shareholder, he cited a staff member telling him that the bosses had a soft spot for models.”

While we’re not sure which model is alluded to, we found in Star Online that in a span of a week (March 28 to April 3, 2010), the paper carried eight stories on Amber Chia in its Central (‘Nation’s 10 most stylish socialites’), North (‘Be a model for a good cause’), Lifefocus (‘The model and her man’) and Nation sections.

Yes, Amber was Star national news on consecutive days – ‘Amber Chia gets married secretly’, ‘Supermodel not keen on revealing the man in her life’, ‘Supermodel Amber Chia weds in Bali to her ‘true love’ businessman’, ‘Amber Chia remains mum about husband’s identity’ …


… WOW! What a scoop, what breaking news, stop the presses! – ‘Amber’s hubby is her manager’ (!)

We are soooo very impressed how The Star is the ‘People’s Paper’.

A search in Star’s 365-day Archives turned up 109 matches to the query ‘amber chia’.

Searches on women activists ‘irene fernandez’ got 11 matches and ‘ivy josiah’ (16). We tried a TV celebrity “daphne iking” (62 matches).

Lastly we keyed in ‘Jerit’ – an acronym for Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (an NGO movement championing the poor and oppressed) – and got a grand total of 4 matches.

‘The People’s Paper’ indeed.

2 Responses to “‘Star’ bosses have a soft spot for models”
  1. cold_eyed says:

    What do you expect of a paper owned by the eunuch party MCA and editorially run by the hypocrite
    Latuk(x2 or 3) Wong Chun Wai?

  2. hutchrun says:

    Wong Chun Wai? WCW? Waste Carrier Wai who heads the Toilet Paper?

    Q: Why is the “Star” like a Starship?
    A: B`cos it goes round and round Uranus.

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