Sex Your Way To Excellence!

Ahh…for all the media bashing we do here at HartalMSM, once in a while something comes along in the MSM that is so incredibly outrageous it defies belief.

Take this report from the Star, for example:


Award-winning teacher’s secret – reading and sex


Monday May 31, 2010

KUALA TERENGGANU: Reading and having sex nightly. That, says Tokoh Nilam award winner Alias Ismail, is the secret to his seemingly boundless energy during the day.


First of all, I don’t think it’s a good idea for this teacher to tell the whole world (including his impressionable students) that having sex every day is the secret to top performance.

Shouldn’t he have given a more inspiring “hard work and dedication” type of reply. At least, for the sake of his students and youths nationwide, put them on the right track!

But now, who knows…his statement may motivate many of his students to be “top performers” too, but whether they are actually up to it academically is another matter.

Secondly, if the Star wants to be regarded as a respectable paper, what’s with the sensationalist “National Enquirer”-type headline?

As it is, the Star is already reviled as a political lapdog. Is it aiming to move down the ladder some more to be reviled as a trashy tabloid? What next? Headlines about aliens having love-children with housewives?


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