Gaps in MSM coverage of flotilla to Gaza

Anti-Israel protests followed Friday prayers today, with the Pakatan rally marching from Kg Baru (the Malay bastion, topic of our earlier posting) to the American embassy.

The Umno Youth rally led by KJ was held at the National Mosque.

Both venues – Kg Baru and National Mosque – are significant; Pakatan plays on race and Umno, religion.

Report from Selangorkini,
Memo ke Washington minggu depan: Anwar

From its reporter on the scene:

“Slogan anti-Israel seperti ‘hancur Israel’ dan ‘Khaibar ya Yahud’ (perang Khaibar wahai Yahudi) dilaungkan.”

But what is ‘Khaibar’ that was shouted in the slogan?

Here’s one possible correlation as well as media monitoring from the Just Journalism website,

‘Peace activists or violent agitators: How the media narrative on flotilla incident is shaping up’

4 Responses to “Gaps in MSM coverage of flotilla to Gaza”
  1. Guy Varegheese says:

    Thank you for this post.Goes to show the other side of this ugly public relations stunt by so called peace activist.Appears that foolish Malaysians are as genocidal as Hamas and related groups.

  2. Paul Warren says:

    One big question for our Tun Mahathir ‘s Perdana Peace Foundation or whatever it is that he calls it. If really it was only the interest of the Palestinian civilians that was the concern of this flotilla, why could the Tun not use his prestige and influence in the Muslim world, approached Egypt and encouraged Egypt to open its border link with Gaza at Rafah to send in the stuff? Egypt, after all is providing the blockade at the Rafah crossing. And Egypt is a friendly Muslim Aarabic country!!

    Was the flotilla’s aim more about breaking and embarrassing Israel’s Mediterranean blockade of Gaza or was it meant as an honest humanitarian effort to send in badly needed civilian needs?

  3. kalaimani says:

    malaysia shud change its foreign policy towards middle east problems. instead of using the palestinians for their politics both BN and Pakatan can act as genuine peace makers between Israel and palestinians. malaysia can work with egypt and other moderate arab nations instead of leaning towards the extremist arab organisations such as Hamas.

    it is an historical fact that the UN partitioned the british administered territory of palestine which was taken from the turkish ottoman empire after WW 1.

    does anybody in malaysia seriously believe the extremist arabs that Israel will be wiped out of the map?

    such thoughts doesnt augur well for peace. besides Islam is a religion of peace.

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