Shame on the spineless, sniveling ‘Star’! – comparing anti-Israel demo with Bersih & Hindraf

Yesterday, The Star had on its front page a main photograph of the anti-Israel protest march. As an editorial decision, that is valid insofar as it goes.

However, a comparison is in order.

When the Bersih rally, which was one of the events that catalysed March 8, happened in Nov 2007, Star did not feature any photo of the protesters at all. All it showed was cars caught in a traffic jam as a result of the tens of thousands of people flooding the KL streets.

Even a small picture of those tens of thousands of people was missing from the paper’s coverage of the event in its inside pages.

There was no front page treatment for the Bersih rally, unlike for Friday’s anti-Israel demo. Furthermore, Star’s report on Bersih was truly scanty for such a big event that turned Malaysian history.

The picture Star painted of the Hindraf rally that followed on the heels of Bersih was equally scanty. The paper has a stable of professional photographers on its payroll yet the amateur photos taken by bloggers were more successful in capturing the mood.

It is doubtful that the Star pixmen failed in their professional duty. More likely their editors decided to play down Hindraf’s striking images (meaning the good shots didn’t see print).

Back to the Star’s ‘bravery’ in publishing Friday’s demo pix compared with its cowardice in pretending that Bersih was nothing and Hindraf a blip.

Anti-Israel protests always get Umno support instead of the usual teargas and water cannons, so they’re okay to publicise on front page. Bersih and Hindraf were not okay to be given the coverage both rallies deserved else the Home Ministry gets mad at MSM.

‘Spineless’ and ‘sniveling’ just seem to be the just about the best words presently to describe Star.

4 Responses to “Shame on the spineless, sniveling ‘Star’! – comparing anti-Israel demo with Bersih & Hindraf”

    Journalists only know far too well
    How their bread is being buttered
    And manners on issues to dwell
    Without their heads being battered

    (C) Samuel Goh KIm Eng – 060610
    Sun. 6th June 2010.

  2. cold_eyed says:

    Lamenting about the Star is a bit pointless.An ***hole can only behave as an ***hole does.

  3. vengai says:

    Well. all of us knew who is the owner of star .All are UMNO Apco ballless ball cariiers.They dance to their masters tune. Irritatiting sucking toilet paper.Now it will be more spin the sorry to please their masters cause u know the New Boss is Suck The Ahmoi Reban.

  4. Xavier Gomez says:

    Ricebowl journalist cannot be expected to go beyond its emasculated state.

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