‘Tamil Nesan’ declares war against ‘Star’

By Reina

The relationship between MIC and MCA when it involves the dailies under their control can be very cordial.  Or at least it used to be.

There was once a court case involving a certain prominent MIC leader and during the trial, certain details about the leader’s extramarital affairs were revealed. The Star at that time was covering the trial and had every right to publish the sordid details – after all it was in open court. The MIC leader, however, went to MCA and asked for info about the affair to be left out to which Star obliged.

There were also cases when reporters of the 86-year-old Tamil Nesan plucking stories and photos published in Star and republishing them in Nesan without neither payment to Star nor permission.

Star has chose to ignore this breach simply because Nesan was considered to be a small paper that was trying hard to stay afloat and Star felt there was no need to create animosity within the industry.

These are some of the instances when Star has been magnanimous and credit must be given where necessary.

Looks like this syrupy, sweet little relationship might just come to an end after Tamil Nesan front-paged a Free Malaysia Today story (screenshot above).

In the story, an unnamed source from the MIC accused MCA boss Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek of using Star to blow up the GAS issue, giving prominence to leaders like V. Mugilan.

The source also said that Chua was using this issue as a “smokescreen” for his woes in the party.

As to why MIC is so desperate in finding a scapegoat that it has now resorted to accusing a fellow Barisan Nasional component party member of interfering in its internal affairs is anyone’s guess.

And it is an open secret within the media industry that one particular reporter who is known to be very close to the MIC leadership is involved in this matter and his bosses are not too happy about it.

Will Star retaliate? After all, Nesan now only has a circulation of about 5,000 to 8,000 and Star has about 300,000. Doubt it.

Let’s play a little guessing game here:

1. Who’s the MIC leader with details about his affair revealed in the trial mentioned here?

2. Who’s the reporter mentioned at the end of this posting?

3. Why would Nesan front-page a story like that?

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