‘Jews should go home to Germany’ message draws flak

Yesterday senior American journalist Helen Thomas tendered her immediate resignation as a columnist for Hearst Newspapers after her controversial comments on Israel were widely disseminated over the Net.

In her message to Israel in a video interview on May 27, Thomas said ”Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine”.  She also reminded Tel Aviv that “these people (Palestinians) are occupied, and it’s their land,” adding Jews should “go home” to “Poland, Germany” … and “America and everywhere else”.

She subsequently apologized for her remarks.

According to her Wiki citation,

“On June 6, Thomas’s agency, Nine Speakers, Inc., announced that they had dropped her as a client, due to her remarks. Craig Crawford, who co-authored Listen up, Mr. President, said that he “will no longer be working with Helen on our book projects”. Other fallout from Thomas’s statements included a rebuke from the White House and cancellation of a commencement speech she was to give at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland”.

There are several ways to look at this episode.

One, reporters are very opinionated. Thus it is only human nature that their take on news events should be coloured by bias — although Thomas, at her advanced age, is presently not doing on-the-ground reporting.

Two, that in developed countries, reporters are swiftly held accountable for their statements. Public reaction will pressure the media to be more responsible.

Or three, the Jewish lobby is active and strong in the US and criticisms of Israel in the media or in public are discouraged. Hence the accusations that certain Western MSM are pro-Israel. However, the rightists have similarly also accused the left-wing media of being too deferential of Islam and anti-Israel.

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