Gaza: Something strange & new to M’sians

The men holding the knives are the pro-Palestinian activists and not the Israelis (something Malaysians lack the capacity to imagine).

Like this knife wielder, pix above, of an activist in the ship convoy.

Again, it’s not a pix the Malaysian press would choose to let you see. The knives cropped out from the Reuters-distributed pix are weapons, not apple peelers the activists happened to take from the galley kitchen.

In our earlier post ‘Did Reuters crop Gaza flotilla photos to hide activists’ weapons?’ (click to view photos), the injured men in the balaclava who have been stabbed and held down are the Israeli commandos.

It’s only to be expected that Malaysian readers would mistake the bleeding and captured men (Israeli soldiers) for Palestinians because local MSM only tells one side of the story. Therefore Malaysian have been well conditioned to always view the Palestinians as victims in any armed skirmish.

The story about all the gaps in reporting can be read here, which also features a Wiki pix of Gaza city — the nice-looking cityscape probably another imagery unfamiliar to Malaysians expecting only ghettos.

3 Responses to “Gaza: Something strange & new to M’sians”
  1. leekh says:

    The Muslims are peaceful people. They are always the victim. They are not aggressors. The Muslim activists in Southern Thailand are all peaceful and law abiding. All the bombings and what not are by the Thais themselves. So is the case in Malaysia. All the kris wielders are only showing their cultural values and implements. Only bad people like the others with their bias and prejudiced minds are trying to portray the Muslims/Malays as extremists. They are all very gentle, incapable of hurting a fly.

  2. cold_eyed says:

    In 1948 when Palestine was partitioned the Arab rulers did nothing for the refugees.
    Sixty-two years later it is still the same.So why should some Malaysians get involved
    with the so-called humanitarian exercise?

  3. Sunnah says:

    I don’t understand why these stupid Malaysian want to be at war zone! And don’t believe the Malaysian “National” news paper. Full of lies, TV station….event worst. If there are people here want to fight for the freedom of plastine, send them there with people’s money and of course one way ticket!

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