Reuters admit making Israel look bad / ‘Star’ snivels some more

By Hartal MSM

Fox News anchor Trace Gallagher recalled:

“When I was in northern Israel covering the war between Israel and Hezbollah back in 2006, Reuters was accused of doctoring a number of photos that made the Israeli defence forces (IDF) look more aggressive. Reuters acknowledged and admitted, yes, those (word inaudible) photographs had been doctored; they fired the photographer, they fired the photo editor.”

(from video clip, ‘Media Outlet’s Anti-Israel Bias?’), ‘Reuters accused of purposely cropping knife [threatening Israeli] out of photo from flotilla incident.’

When contacted by the television station, Reuters issued a statement saying: “When we realized that a dagger was inadvertently cropped from the images, Reuters immediately moved the original set, as well.”

However, Reuters failed to attach the above correction to the relevant page in its website. See Hartal MSM’s pick-up of the breaking story in our earlier posting ‘Did Reuters crop Gaza flotilla photos to hide activists’ weapons?’ where we noticed that Reuters had closed the discussion thread after only one comment got through — from a reader challenging the insidious photo cropping.

Critics of Reuters claim the wire agency intentionally altered the story by removing the context. They also questioned the pacificism of the “so-called peace activists” as there was a controversy over whether the activists were  armed and about the Turkish participants having a military background.

Another video released by IDF showed its soldiers being attacked. Ironically, Shane Dillon — the first mate of one of the flotilla ships Challenger One — had told the Sydney Morning Herald he saw Israeli commandos use “stun grenades, Tasers and high velocity paint ball guns” as they boarded another boat.

So … the much-feared elite Israeli commandos also carried paint ball guns?! Wow, that’s really being armed to the teeth and raring for mortal combat.

Gallagher commented: “Reuter reaches more than a billion people in a single day … and many times in the past, Reuters has been accused of being anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian.”

In the 2006 photo doctoring episode, the Reuters photographer Adnan Hajj was fired only after the news agency’s manipulation was exposed by bloggers and websites, and there was a huge public outcry internationally.

Meanwhile in our country, MSM has been thunderously silent – as only to be expected – on all these details, with the exception of the new alternative media Free Malaysia Today.

Nonetheless, they have been as shrill as banshees in their denunciation of Israel and the SNIVELING Star even managed to find some spine.

Helen Ang wrote over at CPI;

“On June 6, The Star devoted not one, not two but three! entire editorial voices to castigate Israel in no uncertain terms.

“Yes, in a single day, The Star employed courageous, strong language never marshalled before for all our own homegrown efforts like Bersih, Hindraf and ‘Justice for Teoh Beng Hock’ combined.”

True, The Star couldn’t even muster one Bersih rally photo but when it comes to Israel-bashing it ladled out THREE editorial. Whoaa, suddenly the Clark Kents jump into a phone booth and swoop out like Supermen with cape and kungfu fists flying.

Helen does two  experiments with our buddy Wong Chun Wai’s article, and the Star editorials. To read her unravelling of  Snivelling Star‘s  hypocrisy, click here.

5 Responses to “Reuters admit making Israel look bad / ‘Star’ snivels some more”
  1. Paul Warren says:

    Was abroad when this flotilla episode happened. Saw everything within hours of it happening on CNN, Fox, BBC and local television. Even then I had my doubts about the way it was being reported. Can you imagine 7 Israeli commandos injured and overwhelmed by pacifists? It was clear for everyone to see, that they were being hit while abseiling down the ropes from the helicopter. You can see, one commando being thrown overboard. You could see, that on a boat with about 600 people or so, maybe only 20 or less were on the deck involved in the attack of the commandos. I believe this bunch had an agenda that was quite different from a humanitarian one that the rest of them. Indeed if the tree huggers were honest they should have by now distanced themselves from this violent lot. But they have not. Obviously they like the narrative that has been spun by Reuters and of course Malaysians who want to be politically correct here in Malaysia have also danced to the spinning. Really shameful. I would reckon that the UN or the Security Council will basically let this episode pass without any further censure.

    • NP says:

      And 9 “tree-huggers” died. Wonderful! An eye for an eye. Population reduction. 🙂

      I don’t understand! Why the need to board in the first place? “Blocking” would be easier. It would also have revealed if those on the flotila had an ulterior motive.

  2. Dejame Sola says:

    Received: Friday, June 4, 2010, 6:41 AM


    A tip of the hat to Fred Leder for this Israeli Flix video. This
    video shows that during the unloading of the M/S. Mavi Marmara Turkish
    vessel in the Israeli port of Ashdod , behind the bags of flour were
    boxes of heavy weapons and ammunition: mortars, artillery shells,
    bazookas, without counting a trunk where more than one million
    euros was found intended for Hamas.

    This video should be widely distributed as evidence of why the IDF
    Naval commandos were dispatched to intercept the six vessels including
    the M/S Mavi Marmara.

    One wonders what is aboard the Irish vessel, the M/S. Rachel Corrie,
    that Israel will intercept sometime today when it approaches the Naval
    blockade line off the coast of Gaza .

    Clearly the Turkish AKP Islamist government is complicit in permitting
    this military cargo to be loaded on the ‘peaceful’ Free Gaza Flotilla.
    Please distribute this video widely.

    If you had any doubt about what was on the flotilla, here is the
    video. The French explains that the arms on display were hidden behind
    sacks of grain. Why these criminals were released is beyond me. – FL

    • hartalmsm says:

      It does indeed pique Hartal’s interest that our little blog is receiving a comment from faraway linking to a video clip tagged in Hebrew, which says ‘Opening containers and exposing weapons at Ashdod Port’. The clip is released by IDF btw, and the soldiers are seen wearing the commando uniform similar to the photos we’ve featured of the Reuters knives cropping.

      However, we would also like to point out that the video is dated Nov 2009.

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