After always attacking the Chinese Jews of Asia, Ridhuan Tee now praises Hitler

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

All our mainstream media are happy enough to bash Israel as that is kosher here but when it comes to stomping on Singapore – surprise, surprise – even Utusan holds back.

This is not the first time that the Utusan editor and/or sub-editor had the good sense to restrain Icker-Tee. See our earlier posting on ‘Let the nons ‘mandi arak’ & Ridhuan Tee’s other Hulu S’gor shockers!’

However, for today, see the screenshot below (with white background) of Ridhuan’s article that appeared in his Utusan column yesterday, ‘Perlukah memorial Tan Cheng Lock?

Ridhuan attacks Israel as a tiny nation with an inordinate amount of political and military clout on the world stage. Nonetheless, the first line on the third para (from excerpt, underlined in red): “Beranikah kita tembak kapal pejuang mereka setelah jelas mereka menceroboh kedaulatan kita?” doesn’t make sense.

Habitually, this Mat Melayu Celup likes to use ‘kita’ to include himself in the Malay-Muslim community. So for him to say, “do we dare shoot their jet fighters that threaten our sovereignty” is an incongruence as we (‘kita’) are not neighbours with Israel. Since when does our air force shoot at Israeli fighter jets — after all, they (‘mereka’) do not encroach into Malaysian airspace.

A paragraph is missing from the Utusan copy of Ridhuan’s article – actually, three sentences referring to Singapore were deleted by the Sunday paper’s copyclearer.

The copy flow only makes sense when we compare with Ridhuan’s posting of the same article in his own blog (see screenshot below, excerpt with yellow background).

Note the part we’ve underlined in red where he takes a stab at Singapore. This is the paragraph missing from the Utusan version.

Utusan has better manners than Ridhuan Tee?

Referring to the “ultra kiasu di selatan negara kita” (‘south of Malaysia’), Ridhuan complains that “every day we hear that the tiny ultra kiasu country invades our airspace and threatens our sovereignty”. Aaah, now we get the continuity in his idea and argument.

Utusan is more tactful: In the paper, Ridhuan’s accusation of Singapore copycatting Israel is rendered: “Sifat ini juga turut ditiru oleh negara jiran kita”. Ridhuan’s original sentence as per his blog is: “Sifat ini juga turut ditiru oleh ultra kiasu di selatan negara kita.”

Utusan has diplomatically replaced Ridhuan’s favourite “ultra kiasu” name-calling of local Chinese and the Chinese-majority country of Singapore with the phrase “neighbouring country”.

This Malay-wannabe Icker-Tee should go wash out his mouth with soap to try and get rid of some of the abundant ‘ick’.

As we’ve highlighted in our headline, not only is Ridhuan engaging in Jew-baiting in addition to his usual badmouthing the minorities, but Malaysia’s most ‘famous’ Muslim convert even goes so far as to praise Hitler as “berjasa kepada zamannya” (translation: Hitler rendered a service to his era).

Ridhuan wrote:

“Hitler yang dikatakan kejam dan zalim juga tetap berjasa pada zamannya. Paling tidak, sekurang-kurangnya Hitler mengingatkan dan menyedarkan kita siapa Yahudi sebenarnya? Masih ingatkah kita kata-kata Hitler kenapa beliau bertindak membunuh Yahudi dalam bukunya Mein Kampf? Katanya [Hitler]: ‘Saya boleh bunuh semua Yahudi ketika saya berkuasa. Tetapi saya tinggalkan sedikit kepada kamu. Kenapa? supaya kamu kenal siapa Yahudi, dan mencari jawapan kenapa saya bunuh Yahudi”.

Unbelievably sick! And this article appearing on the eve of the Gertak rally in Terengganu. Purely coincidental? We think not.

See also our posting last month ‘Ridhuan Tee on the Jews of Malaysia’ on how he equates the Chinese in Malaysia with all the alleged nasty attributes he attaches to the Jews.

But at the end of the day, inasmuch as Ridhuan foams at the mouth calling Singapore ‘ultra kiasu’ and praising Hitler, he is still not in the same league as Loony Tun at the Gertak gathering this morning. Only the Tun has unlimited freedom to bash his nemesis LKY’s “little red dot” country.

Guess the Najib administration still has vested interests in maintaining cordial diplomatic relations with the island republic, hence Utusan doing the necessary editing.

6 Responses to “After always attacking the Chinese Jews of Asia, Ridhuan Tee now praises Hitler”
  1. jokersland says:

    This is a very selfish guy that I always like to hit. Thanks for highlighting the missing para. Actually I was very surprise with his latest article that did not mention the word ” ultra kiasu”

    • vengai says:

      Well in this bodohland the Cina Celup become more meleyu and the kandar kuttys become melayu too whereby the real melayu become margenaklised by giving ways to these celups.

  2. Tee is an ultra-racist. I wonder what this Hitler-lover aims to achieve by writing articles like these. Praising Hitler this manner equates to approving the Holocaust but heck, what does he understand anyway right? YUp, he should stop using the word ‘kita’ to whomever he wants to be associated with (pi main jauh2 please). Even Namewee blogs better than him.

  3. charleskiwi says:

    Celup Tee is trying to be like shenanigan Mahathir so to be accepted as a Malay !
    But really he does not need to because Umno is lack of real Malay who has the brain
    to fight for themselves and most of all Umno has made rules how to transform a non Malay to
    become a Malay !
    As a consequence Umno to day is filled with half breeds like celup Tee, shenanigan Mahathir
    and the 3.5 millions of Umno members . They are only a quarter breeds or half breeds and above all celup Tee has not even got a drop of Malay blood in him.
    How is he going to transform himself into a Malay ? May be wearing a songkot or praying 8 times daily will help ?
    Better still call on Allah to transform his entire family starting from his forefathers and delete their surname Tee will surely help ?

  4. avis says:

    So long the Malay-Muslims in M’sia do not realise that these celups are taking them for a ride with their rhetoric statements, these celups will go on with all sort of statements. My sincere sympathy for the Malay-Muslims of this country.

  5. anak_perelih says:

    In 2006, I was in Kuantan when the one RMAF hawk fighter aircraft crashed in Rompin waters… where they search for nearly a few weeks for the pilot body in sea…and i was informed by an air force friend that the fighter was on the mission to chase out Singapore aircraft which entered our Johor air space without permission… so Singapore air force did encroach our air space… and their army did a EMP test to test our army….

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