Ridhuan Tee want to Gertak some more

Sharifuddin A. Latiff

If a mamak kutty can do it, why can’t a cina kui, eh?

Is Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah eyeing a seat on the Umno supreme council?

Gertak president Razali Idris has revealed that Icker-Tee aka Ridhuan Tee will speak at the next rally planned by his ultra Malay movement. Razali said Ridhuan is being invited to “give insights on the Chinese race”.

If the Chinese are even rejecting MCA as their spokesman, what makes Razali think that Ridhuan can lend any insight into the community’s aspirations when they don’t even consider this Mat Celup as one of their own?

What kind of man is it who cannot bear to call a party (DAP, MCA) and a community (Chinese) by their proper names but in every piece of writing refers to them as ‘ultra kiasu’?

In his article ‘Judi hak bukan Islam?’ (June 27), he calls Penang “negeri ultra kiasu” and makes a reference to its chief minister Lim Guan Eng, “Jika mereka sudah dapat [lesen kasino sepertimana “negeri ultra kiasu di selatan Johor”], saya yakin gaya kepimpinan Umar Abdul Aziz akan dibuang entah ke mana”.

Ridhuan is a political animal through and through; a ‘tick’ (a tiny bloodsucking creature related to mites) in politics (poly is ‘many’, e.g. polygamy = many wives). He is henceforth the ‘polyustaz’ (a new HartalMSM buzzword) leading the field of ulama joining the political fray.

Last Friday, 40 young ulama joined Umno. This is dangerously upping the ante in the drive to politicize Islam. Below is one example of how our arch ‘polyustaz’ is pushing political Islam.

The way Ridhuan conveys his anti-gambling message is almost as off-putting as Loony Tun claiming that gambling is the ‘right’ of the Chinese in Malaysia.

Ridhuan is a closet Hitler cum Holocaust admirer who yet strangely is not averse to quoting Judaist scriptures forbidding gambling just to support his argument that all religions – including that of the Jews – discourage gambling.

Evidently, Ridhuan is someone who has no moral scruples to invoking the wrath of gods (including those he does not himself believe in) on gamblers and warning that an act of God such as a tsunami will sweep away those sinners who condone gambling as well as good Muslims alike.

I almost feel sorry for the Chinese in Malaysia who have to put up with this ‘polyustaz’ fler explaining to unwitting Malays and the other races what Chinese culture is all about.

12 Responses to “Ridhuan Tee want to Gertak some more”
  1. charleskiwi says:

    I am sure that many of the Chinese have no qualms that Tee has decided to embrace Islam, all religions are the same to them but to condemn his own kind is a different matter altogether.
    Since when are muslims convert expected to do so just to please or show the how much a muslim he is plus he is not expected to condemn his own race to prove his sincerely. For him to subscribe to this is most unbecoming a true muslim and Tee should never have considered himself as a muslim. He is indeed a very very bad example of a muslim just like shenanigan Mahathir but I supposed he is just following the foot step of the shenanigan or trying to.
    Such people are bloody disgrace to their kind and to Islam and how can these people help to promote Islam and please remember all muslims are supposed to do that and please remember you can fool yourself or even your family but you can’t fool us all !

  2. telur dua says:

    In any other country in this 21st Century, this Tee guy will be roundly condemned and shunned, but not in Bolehland. This is sick.

    After he Gertak he can go goncang his …..

  3. Holy man says:

    We all should be proud of the fact that malaysia has got the most number of holy men in the world like ibrahim,toyol,ahmad,nasir,MM,bung,and Tee is by far the most holiest great man in the world,nobody in arab or elsewhere come near to his holiness.Rejoice fellow malaysians and celebrate our nation’s special position holy.We are proud of you all our most distinguished fine dear leaders.

  4. Kok Ah Kow says:

    Iranian president Mahmūd Ahmadinezhed is well know for his anti-Israel stance. He once boasted of bombing Isreal out of existence. His grandfather was a Jew and converted to Muslim. Hitler, infamous for his holocast, had Jewish blood. An anti-Asian Australian, Jack Van Tongan, convicted for fire-bombings of Chinese restaurant is half or quarter Asian. So I am not surprised of what Ridhuan Tee is doing.

    What they did or do is just a sign of overconpensating for what they are trying to be and/or not to be. In the case of Ridhuan, I think he hated his Chinese root (for whatever reasons?) and wants to be accepted by Muslims. The best way to convince his intended audience is to, he thinks, to attack his root.

    When I look at him this way, I feel rather sorry for him.

  5. leekh says:

    Wondering what Chinese Muslim Tee would say to the all the converts on the mainland China? Is he aware that there is a whole world out there? Or is he the new katak under the tempurung?

  6. Pegasus says:

    This convert is a con man.. convincing to the Malays…with jaws dropping listening to this holiness stories…perverted tales on the chinese …he is neither here or there…more of a fence sitter and giving his 2 cents worth of views… May Allah bless him…..!!!

  7. No apologies needed, S101. It’s reciprocal- I feel sorry for this guy being a ‘spokesperson’ for Islam. No worries about about he talking about the ‘Chinese’. I’m just wondering which part of nation-building does Tee contribute.

    Hey Tee, this is not the way to make money. Go do something useful and stop insulting yourself and God.

  8. sharin says:

    good move,go on gertak,let all the malays know the true stiuation in tanah melayu…..tanah melayu,negeri asal org melayu…

    • tkpg says:

      huh?? “negeri asal orang melayu” ??
      baca sejarah tak ni … u org melayu tu dari kepulauan indonesia atau parsi da …

  9. China islam says:

    If Tee is free, go to the Sri Petaling,KL mosque every friday and see why so many mainland chinese muslims are genuinely worshipping God along with all races, and NOT critise anybody. These people are doing the opposite of what Tee is doing-they are promoting the true wisdom of the religion. Tee, tolong pergi sana untuk belajar sikit apa ertinya islam sebenar dari orang-orang cina tu yg kamu benci betul dimana nenekmoyang kamu datang dari.

  10. anonymous says:

    He is not only a fake ustaz, but also a fake academic. Please go and ask his colleagues at his university.

  11. telur dua says:

    Like a monkey which does not appreciate the beauty of flowers, this pretender does not know Islam.

    By his action and speech he is turning people away from the religion. He is giving the Islam a bad name. This is a sin.

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