Cuti-cuti Gaza / Hartal is 1 today

Al-Ahram pix: Gaza holiday resort (July 17, 2010) A little while ago, we put up the posting, ‘Palestinians enjoy more expensive holidays than your average Kedahan or Sabahan’. Looking at the Gaza resort pictured above, we’re guessing domestic tourist destinations for Gazans aren’t too bad.  It’s mentioned in an article in Egyptian daily Al-Ahram by … Continue reading

Palestinians enjoy more expensive holidays than your average Kedahan or Sabahan

UPDATED: For more photos, see ‘Cuti-cuti Gaza‘. An article in the July, 2010 issue of Palestinian newspaper Al-Safeer aliqtisadi reported on a statistical report released by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics regarding domestic and outbound tourism the previous year. The article said the bureau had conducted a specialized household survey with a sample of … Continue reading

The best place for Polis Di Raja Malaysia

LAT pix — Sounlove Zamor and her sister By Hartal MSM Israel was one of the first on the ground after the devastating Haiti earthquake in January. She dispatched a 220-personnel emergency rescue-and-response team as well as set up a high-tech field hospital staffed with 40 doctors, 25 nurses and paramedics. Najib Razak sent Haiti … Continue reading

Mysinchew trying to outdo Utusan in Perkasa-ish posturing

A senior Chinese journalist is giving Perkasa a run for their money. In our posting yesterday, we wrote: “When the Chinese decide to muscle in on a hitherto Malay franchise, they must — as always — show they can do it louder and better. These Chinese, for example, went to great lengths in shouting “me, … Continue reading

Pictures: How Gaza celebrated last Raya Korban

The pix above and below were lifted from Palestine News Agency (Wafa), which is a Palestinian Territory news agency covering ‘national news’ and owned by the Palestinian National Authority. Other photos were featured in our earlier postings (click to view): Gaza posh hotels Shopping mall Restaurant/club, swimming pool, supermarket

Might this meet with Rosmah’s approval?

Yesterday, in our posting ‘Recommend posh hotel to Rosmah’ we commented that the dining in Gaza ain’t half so bad although the hotels are not of the highest standard that our PM’s wife may be accustomed to. For the Wisma Putra official who usually plans Rosmah’s itinerary, should our own international award-winning humanitarian decide to accompany … Continue reading

Sign that bumi quota will be scrapped

AP pix: New shopping mall opened in Gaza on July 17, 2010. “The mall is being widely featured in media throughout the Arab world, for example here but why the continuing silence from Western media who subscribe to AP …?” Tom Gross/Mideast Dispatch UPDATED: Photos of the Gaza hotels recommended for the Datin Seri’s stay … Continue reading

Recommend posh hotel to Rosmah

AFP pix/Getty images – Supermarket in Gaza City taken June 17, 2010 UPDATED: Photos of the Gaza hotels can be viewed in our next posting here, ‘Might this meet with Rosmah’s approval?‘ (click to view) Rosmah Mansor said the 1Malaysia Putera Club mission to Gaza reflected the sensitivity of Malaysians in feeling for the plight of … Continue reading

Mahathir up to his usual kelentong

Pix by Tom Gross, Mideast dispatches: Toy shop in Gaza (recent photo). Of course Mahathir is anti-Jew, see our earlier posting. He claims in his most recent’ Che Det’ blog posting on Friday that “To the Americans, Israel can do no wrong.” As usual, the Tun is typically Machiavellian in his most remarkable, utmostly unparalleled … Continue reading

Woohooo! The Star says today … diddly squat

Master Snivel starts with congratulating the PM “for making an impression on Sarawakians”. Then onwards march and westward ho to the ‘1’ concept that these precious hacks oiling his propaganda machinery are never tired spinning. 1Malaysia is “laudable in uniting the people for the nation’s progress. Thus an Opposition bereft of better ideas can only … Continue reading