Icker-Tee Top 10

By Hartal MSM

10. Does Ridhuan Tee endorse Hitler’s genocide

9. Ridhuan Tee’s reverse take on racism

8. Ridhuan Tee want to Gertak some more

7. Ridhuan Tee on Al-Islam case: ‘Church ultra kiasu too

6. After always attacking the Chinese Jews of Asia, Ridhuan Tee now praises Hitler

5. It is you who is kiasu Dr Ridhuan Tee, not the Chinese community

4. Ridhuan Tee ‘campaigning’ for Umno

3. Ridhuan Tee on the Jews of Malaysia

2. Ridhuan Tee, how the Grinch stole Raya

1. Let the nons ‘mandi arak’ & Ridhuan Tee’s other Hulu S’gor shockers

Above is a list of postings – in order of popularity – viewed by our blog readers on Malaysia’s second foremost Holocaust admirer. (The No.1 Holocaust admirer is, wethinks, the Loony Tun.)

While we admit to pinching CPI and People’s Parliament stuff (the two websites on our NGO blogroll) once in a blue moon, this article we’re highlighting below – we believe – is in the opposite direction and one where the writer (published in CPI) drew from the Hartal well.

We daresay that it was us who were among the first to bring attention to the topic (for an English readership) here in this blog as we’re almost a ‘resource centre’ (ha-ha-ha) in monitoring the Icker-Tee’s utmost ickyness. However someone called ‘Shuzheng’ says it all remarkably well and manages to pull together into one integrated, cohesive commentary the piecemeal thoughts which we’d put across in the various postings at various times.

And Shuzheng employs classy academic English which is not our style or our standard lah.

So because we couldn’t have said it better ourselves, we recommend you reading ‘Chinese are Jews: A Malaysian syllogism for Ketuanan’ (please click) by Shuzheng.

2 Responses to “Icker-Tee Top 10”
  1. HOLYMAN says:

    In olden times the Pharisees in Israel pretended to be holy and sinless by wearing humble garment and well-versed in the holy verses to get honor and power for themselves but in their hearts they were very judgemental of lesser persons or other tribes. Today history seems to repeat itself but in Malaysia.


    There’s no point trying to play coy
    When one is nothing but a decoy
    With evil intention to try to destroy
    All those deemed necessary in a ploy

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 020710
    Fri. 2nd July 2010.

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