China Chinese who don’t eat pork – they’re Jews …

A little piece of news that will get our Jew bashers’ knickers in a knot – the biggest modern Jewish presence in Asia is in … ta-daaa … Singapore and Hong Kong.

And if Australia is counted as a part of Asia, then, there are some 90,000 of them Down Under (could this be why Loony Tun hates Oz? – he smelt them there!)

We came across the above trivia while browsing the Net following on Shuzheng’s article ‘Chinese are Jews: A Malaysian syllogism for Ketuanan’ which we recommended in our last posting, ‘Icker-Tee’s Top 10’.

Some other interesting facts are contained in a paper called ‘Are there really Jews in China?: An update’, written by Daniel J. Elazar for the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs. Url here.

Elazar groups the Jews, or people of Jewish descent in China, into four.

Below are notes from his paper which we’ve rendered in bullet form.

# 1  Chinese Jews of Kaifeng

  • Estimated at some 100 families totalling approx. 500 people (Kaifeng is 300 miles from Beijing)
  • Community flourished 9th-17th centuries, “continued to be identifiably Jewish until the 1840s”
  • Went to China at invitation of Sung Dynasty emperor, involved in fabric trade, settled in at least 6 cities
  • Although they had synagogues, the community generally assimilated and became Chinese

# 2 Remnants of the Jewish refugees

  • Next wave, Sephardi merchants who accompanied the British to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tientsin and other cities
  • Thousands of Jews fleeing Russia, the upheavals of World War I and Nazism founded communities in  Harbin, Tientsin, Mukden & Shanghai (at its peak, pop. 30,000+)
  • After 1949 communist takeover, mass exodus to Israel, Australia & North America

# 3 Foreign friends

  • Small handful
  • Married local women, acquired Chinese citizenship, settled down

# 4 Jews on sojourn

  • Diplomatic corps, particularly Americans
  • Teachers of English, businessmen
  • Israelis “providing technical assistance in agriculture” (source: Daniel Elazar)

The photo is of Hollywood scriptwriter Robert J. Avrech, taken from his blog. His posting ‘The Jews of Asia’ recounts his working visit to China some years ago. He’s also got a pix of himself with the gorgeous Gong Li.

6 Responses to “China Chinese who don’t eat pork – they’re Jews …”
  1. My2cen says:

    I’m born Chinese, but don eat pork, speaks & write fluent Malay, occasionally wears baju kurung to official functions. So, I’m Jew or Malay-Muslim, ah??

  2. Meng says:

    Hi Sir,

    If you visit Israel today, the Jews there will tell you that of the cultures of the world, the Chinese culture resemble closest to the Jew’s. Some people, especially those in Christian circles, believed that the Chinese are descendants of Shem, one of the three sons of Noah.

    The ancient Chinese writing script bore close resemblance to Hebrew. Likewise, Chinese worship of God by offering burnt incense, slaughtered whole animals such as goats are quite biblical.

    Embedded in several Chinese words such as Boat, Come, Creation, Deceiver, God, One and Ten are words that bore Jewish connotations.

    Very interesting.

  3. wandererAUS says:

    The Chinese in China who do not eat pork are the more sophisticated ones…
    They just enjoy their bacon and eggs for breakfast!!
    I am pretty sure many of the UMNO goons did likewise while visiting UK…
    look at Fat Mama, she must be a good candidate!


    Due to common traits like diligence and intelligence
    Certain race has been likened to be Jews of the east
    Whether or not this comparison is of any significance
    Depends on your own thinking from the east or the west

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 030710
    Sat. 3rd July 2010.

  5. gunse says:


    you are wrong in this regarding jews population in Asia. The biggest Jews population outside Israel is in India since 525BC and majority still continue to live in India even after the Israel nation existence in 1948.

    Singapore, HK, Aussie comes after India. This is because of the Hindu society all inclusiveness unlike the Arabs.

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