KD Tun Razak: Sure the sub can swim and sink, ah?

In our humble opinion, the Sniveling Star is a poor cook of noodles.

“… the Malaysian way is to keep the lid on a simmering cauldron. But as anyone who cooks pasta or noodles knows, if you keep the lid on and the heat underneath is too high, the pot will eventually boil over.” – Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian

“In Malaysia, all communities are equal but some are more equal than others,” observes Ash, a Guardian columnist. (Something you wouldn’t find said by the yellow-livered editorials of The Star).

“… what I’m doing is reporting criticisms made to me by Malaysians, people who do not feel they can speak entirely freely in their own country and who would not be published if they did. In fact, I believe that as a writer with access to free media I have a duty to speak up for those who cannot speak freely for themselves,” he writes in his paper in London.

To read more on what Timothy Ash is speaking up on that the sniveler cannot, click his article ‘I respect your articles of faith – will you respect mine?’

Ash writing about a reporter’s duty: “To bear witness to genocide, war, revolution and human courage amid inhumanity is – forgive the pathos – a sacred trust.”

Now read this sniveling report on the Tentera Laut DiRaja Malaysia’s Scorpene submarine.

“… of late, there was a dangerous trend where information about the country’s strategic assets and sensitive information was made public via the Inter­net,” reported Malaysia’s largest English circulation daily yesterday in its article headlined ‘Royal welcome for second sub’.

Malaysians are getting their info from the Net because you, Sniveling Star, are not doing your job.

2 Responses to “KD Tun Razak: Sure the sub can swim and sink, ah?”
  1. Nick says:

    Nope! There’s nothing wrong with the second sub. Everything is perfect “HOWEVER” the Malaysian government would have to spend some money to convert all the sea water around the operational areas of the sub (namely the Malacca Straits and the South China Sea) into fresh water (there’s no point of wasting money to convert all the sea water of the other 5 seas as the sub would probably will not be traveling in them). The contract would likely be awarded to an “A” class Contractor company having well establish record in property development but none in water conversion and treatment (most likely it will be a RM 200 company as oppose to a RM2 company)..


    Although we are not all in the same boat
    We are figuratively all in the same submarine
    Whether we sink or swim with it is yet to be seen
    Regardless of what we wear as the outer marine coat

    (C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 040710
    Sun. 4th July 2010.

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