Heck, they’re just blacks … who cares

Pix above lifted from AP.

Brazil and Argentina have been knocked out of the World Cup. The two countries’ flags were flying amidst the rubble in Port-au-Prince – that would be Haiti’s capital. When all else is lost, there’s still football.

Yesterday, the Montreal Gazette had this story ‘Haiti’s camps of despair’.

Its reporter Sue Montgomery observes how six months after the Jan 12 quake, Port-au-Prince still looks like a war zone. About 1,300 camps erected by hundreds of thousands of Haitians in Jacmel and Legane, nearby the capital, risk becoming permanent slums. The tents and tarps are temporary, torn, sweltering and soaked.

Montgomery writes of the camp children, “Bellies are swelling and hair turning orange from malnutrition. Vomiting and diarrhea are as common as flies.”


The death toll from the January Haiti earthquake has been revised by the island republic’s president to upwards of 300,000. Earlier estimates were 200,000 to 250,000 casualties.

“Millions displaced from their homes, rubble and collapsed buildings still dominating the landscape. Three weeks into hurricane season, with tropical rains lashing the capital daily, construction is being held up by land disputes and customs delays while plans for moving people out of tent-and-tarp settlements remain in ‘early draft form.’ – US senate report last month by staff of Senator John Kerry.

“Thousands of new amputees faced the stark reality of living with disabilities in a shattered country whose terrain and culture have never been hospitable to the disabled.” – New York Times

With more than 3,000 school buildings in shambles, vast numbers of children are working in menial jobs. (No education fund for them from Malaysians meh?)

“The country is, by a significant margin, the poorest in the Western Hemisphere, with four out of five people living in poverty and more than half in abject poverty.” – NYT

Oscar winner Sandra Bullock had given US$ 1 million to Haiti relief. Other celebrities – Beyonce, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Sean Penn, and many others as well as sports stars like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have contributed and raised funds too.

From the government of Malaysia? Nothing we’ve heard of.

In the last three months, Sniveling Star has had absolutely nothing to say about Haiti; nope, not a single report. What about the rest of the country’s MSM? The Haitians are not worth any column inches obviously because Malaysian sympathy is selective.

This Christian who was so overwrought by Gaza has had no “whimper of a prayer” for Haitians either.

It’s not too late to make amends though as the reconstruction, like in Aceh post-tsunami, will take awhile yet.

There’s a next flotilla planning to deliver “humanitarian aid”, correct? Maybe one of the Malaysian-sponsored boats can be diverted to Haiti?


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