DAP not ‘ultra kiasu’, Palestinians not Virgin Mary

By Hartal MSM

We wrote to Lim Kit Siang’s blog on Monday to point out that they allowed a reader’s comment “Just a bunch of useless beggars” said about Perkasa but blocked the same word when it applied to another scenario, “why are we wasting our limited [scholarship] funds on useless Palestinians”.

See the screenshots below. The ‘Before’ page can still be viewed on Google cache. The ‘After’ is the amended page following on Hartal’s e-mail query with regard to  the discrepancy in standards.



We had also pointed out that Kit Siang permitted profanity by a reader – “damned Jews”. The screenshot below shows the action taken following our correspondence.

Here’s our reading of the little episode. We’re glad that YB Lim is responsive to public feedback and willing to make the necessary correction when something-not-right is brought to his attention.

The Ridhuan Tee broken record never stops spinning that DAP is an “ultra kiasu” party and its party leaders and members are “ultra kiasu musang berbulu ayam gunting dalam lipatan kaduk naik junjung”.

We believe that YB Lim’s readiness to take to heart our feedback is an act that indirectly refutes Ridhuan’s contention. If the DAP advisor were really as ultra kiasu as Ridhuan accuses him to be, he would not have responded positively nor acted on Hartal’s feedback.

Sebaliknya si alim-alim kucing tulah yang patut mencerminkan diri. Ridhuan has been asked by other Chinese Muslims to cease and desist churning out the vicious verbiage that is his Utusan column. These Chinese Muslims tell him that he is giving converts a bad name and is inadvertently turning non-Muslims away from Islam.

Ridhuan responds to their advice by further piling it on. So who is being ultra kiasu?


Perhaps Kit Siang does not realize it himself how DAP is becoming like Umno. Bashing the Jews and applying censorship to protect the Palestinians from criticism is how Umno operates. Since Palestinians are not the Virgin Mary Mother of God, negative commentary about them does not amount to blasphemy that must be kept from the eyes of the faithful.

Sir, you and your party are NOT Umno! Please remember that.

Your conscience has served you well in the many decades that you have served the country and led the opposition. Don’t lose sight of it now, and do stop your tiresome DAP spokesmen from jumping on the anti-Jew bandwagon like lemmings. May God bless and keep you.

One Response to “DAP not ‘ultra kiasu’, Palestinians not Virgin Mary”
  1. Perkasa typical of who they represent want and think they know everything including banking, not that it takes much to run Bank Negara, when the truth is Perkasa know next nothing and cannot even try to get the addicted to give up their addiction and the handicapped to learn how to walk. What a bloody shamble !
    They just want the handicaps and the addicts to go on living like parasites until the country goes bust in the near future with the loans they are taking ! The glacier was not formed in a cold winter day.
    Can some-one please name a successful country which has a similar to NEP policy in this world ?
    Even animals and birds are weaned after their infancies so that the young can be independent so in short people who believe in what Perkasa are advocating are not even better than the animals and birds !

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