‘Tun Mahathir’ the musical, we kid you not

Satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional proposed three years ago by the Information, Communication and Culture Minister will be realised soon.

The musical is to be staged from Sept 24 to Oct 4 at Istana Budaya. See this Bernama story just out.

“The dilemmas and achievements throughout his 22 years as Prime Minister will be portrayed through dialogue, songs and dance suited to facts approved by Tun Dr Mahathir himself,” said the producer of the musical Siti Rohaya Attan.

Siti Rohaya was previously (some years ago) an Utusan reporter; it figures & that’s why we’ve highlighted in bold the Utusan-ish portion of her comment — you can take the reporter out of Utusan but you can’t take the Utusan training out of her, it seems.

This actor will play the great One. He still needs to wear a plastic nose though to bring it up to Kutty size, like Nicole Kidman did when she played Virginia Woolf.

This actress will play the ex-‘First-First Lady’ — the double 1st because she was the first spouse to have been so fawned upon. Our kaki bodek MSM made up the title for her and similarly kissed ass the First Family, First Daughter & Co. They didn’t have a First Kittykat back then.

This fler determined the play’s storyline.

Would you pay up to RM150 to watch this fler’s life story “suited to facts approved by  He himself”?

Like they say, a fool and his money are soon parted.

9 Responses to “‘Tun Mahathir’ the musical, we kid you not”
  1. SEX PISTOL says:

    Song for “This fler determined the play’s storyline.” by the Sex Pitol

    BODIES – seems like its been blocked.

    well, it goes some thing like this”…………………… I don’t want a baby that looks like this…..”


  2. esse says:

    No, thank you. Not even if I am given a free ticket. Not even if they pay me to watch it. Not for all the tea in China. I usually don’t go for horror movies or plays, nor for sickly sweet musicals: might end up with nightmares or get violently sick.

  3. charleskiwi says:

    Does the shenanigan Mahathir’s nose and behavior resemble that of a Pakistanis ?
    May be that is where he righty belongs.

  4. I hope the lyrics to the songs go something like this (in the interest of authenticity):

    Demi majukan Malaysia
    Aku cipta UMNOPUTRA
    Siapa saja tak suka
    Aku sumbat dalam penjara

    Kemudahan awam terus digadai
    Diswastakan untuk untung peribadi
    Kos hidup melambung tinggi
    Tapi rakyat mesti bayar – gerenti!

  5. Damian says:

    Common he is no God…. a waste of time!! The money could reather be channelled for the needy!

  6. cleanyourtoiletfirst says:

    RM 150? Whooaa that’s cheap. Wonder if it is cheaper than Raja Petra’s 1 month supplies of toilet paper or not. …Pity him. Must be very hard on him to have iced cold water of London to mmmmm err clean up…

    Im in. RM 300 then!! For me and my missus. willing to be twice a fool rather than paying for Petra’s personal hygiene.

    Hey thanx for the free promotion here.

  7. Bored to Death says:

    Enough is enough! Obviously the ‘wise learned’ Minister for Culture has nothing else to do other than wasting precious time on such stupid projects. The powers to be do not seem to realize that the vast majority of the population do not give a damn hoot to Mahathir and his cronies or his off-springs who are enjoying the benefits stolen from the nation by the great pretender.

    Enough is enough ! We are quite sick and tired of everything or anything to do with this senile unwanted character who do not seem to realize that he is not want6ed anymore. Please stop playacting. And that goes the same for the so called Trade Minister who does not qualify to be one.

    Enough is enough!


    For all the wrongs we have done
    One day we have to face the music
    It won’t be the one you can hone
    You can’t even escape with your magic

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 100710
    Sat. 10th July 2010.

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