‘Die, 6 million Israelis, all die!’

Berita Harian furthered a sinister Perkasa-ish agenda recently when it ran patently false front page stories that newly registered Malay voters were outnumbered by non-Malays 1:40. Was the government and the 3-in-1 shadow ‘Ministry of Truth’ referring to BH when it warned about action against media spreading lies? Somehow we don’t think so.

But anyway BH’s online portal http://www.bharian.com.my shamelessly ran this reader’s poll (below) about voting. We say they are shameless sebab depa tak tahu malu dan tak reti nak sorok muka for their blatant misreporting. Nor were they sorry for the ‘mistake’.

Jika anda layak menjadi pengundi, kaedah manakah yang paling anda suka untuk berdaftar dengan Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya?

  • Manual
  • Online
  • Automatik
  • Menerusi parti
‘Death to Israel’
Meanwhile, another news portal at this url http://berita-harian-online.com, also calling itself ‘Berita Harian Online’ but disclaiming any relation to the BH newspaper, ran an online poll (below) asking its readers the preferred method for Israel’s destruction.
Bagaimana negara haram Israel akan hancur?

  • Diserang Turkey / Negara Arab
  • Dibom nuklear oleh Iran
  • Dihancurkan malapetaka alam
  • Dirosak dari dalam oleh orang Yahudi sendiri
  • Di hancur oleh tentera diraja Malaysia/Indonesia

Option # 5 (see screenshot, main picture) — ‘Crushed by the royal armies of Malaysia/Indonesia’ — may not be feasible considering that our expensive submarines couldn’t dive and our Nuri copters are prone to crashing.

Perhaps the soldiers could be flown to Libya on Singapore Airlines, and then from there join the flotilla?

5 Responses to “‘Die, 6 million Israelis, all die!’”
  1. hartalmsm says:

    Someone reminded us that we forgot to mention our royal Malaysian air force jets do not have engines.

    For the benefit of foreign readers visiting our blog the first time, no, Hartal MSM is not anti-Jew but we’re merely media monitors reporting on the overwhelming anti-Jew sentiments expressed in the Malaysian mass media & blogosphere.

  2. Prem Das says:

    Islamists would not make any pronouncements without adding ‘God willing’ as a suffix.

    Given the state of the Islamic world, Muslims should be asking themselves if ‘God is still willing’ for they are in chains of one kind or rather everywhere in the world. The thought drummed into their heads that any difficulties or obstacles put their way is a test of their faith whereas non-Muslims at the receiving end are being punishment is hardly credible.

    If every person learns to think for themselves, the ‘herd mentality’ of man would come to end and he would be beyond exploitation.

  3. Serious Shepherd says:

    Yeah, right. Hancurkan Israel in Malay newspaper but Israeli ships can dock at Port Klang in English newspaper.

  4. SebaKL says:

    Nice blog, good read and over all good job.
    I’m quite surprised, to be honest, to read what I read in here. Not many dare to touch such sensitive topics, considering Malaysia is full of this so very sensitive people of faith, getting so easily offended, by the most ridicules of things.

    Prem Das, Let me tell you something about faith.
    Faith means making, a virtue out of not thinking. Those who preach faith and enable and elevate it, are our intellectual slaveholders, keeping mankind in a bondage to fantasy and nonsense that has spawned and justifieded so much lunacy and destruction. Faith is dangerous because it allows human beings who don’t have all the answers to think that they do.

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