What does it say about Islam to non-Muslims?

Ridhuan Tee in his biodata (see his blog) states he is a committee member of the Islamic Consultative Council in the Prime Minister’s Department.

He states he was the Maal Hijrah award recipient (Convert) in 2003 and won Maal Hijrah awards in 2006 for the Federal Territory and 2007 Perak.

He states he is executive facilitator in Jakim (Islamic Dept) for the ‘Pengukuhan Integriti Perkhidmatan Awam’ programme, chairman of the At-Taqwa surau as well as office holder in several Muslim national bodies and organisations.

In his Utusan column yesterday, he wrote: “Saya tidak pernah memaki hamun sesiapa”. (I have never reviled anyone) but yet — hairan bin pelik ya?? —  he is criticised by the public. These hurtful critics cannot even present their arguments “professionally,” Ridhuan claims.

Ridhuan further claims the moral high ground: “Never have I responded to their verbal abuse and angry words because I do not want to be seen the same as them”. (Tidak juga saya membalas balik cacian dan makian mereka kerana saya tidak mahu dilihat sama seperti mereka.)

A-ha, but then this complaint by Ridhuan is revealing: “I’m now not able anymore to read the hundreds of thousands of abusive and angry words hurled against me in the Internet [because they are too many].” (Ratusan ribu maki hamun dan cacian dalam internet sudah tidak larat untuk dibaca.)

The born-Muslims in Malaysia should ask yourselves this: Here is a man representing himself as an ustaz. Why is someone who claims to be championing Islam been the subject of — by his own admission — “hundreds of thousands of abusive and angry words”?

Do you know of any priest or pastor or monk in Malaysia who can equal Ridhuan’s Malaysia Book of Records achievement in receiving hundreds of thousands of abusive and angry words from so many Malaysians of all creeds and colour, and even criticized by foreigners too?

What will non-Muslims think Islam is all about looking at this Icker-Tee?

8 Responses to “What does it say about Islam to non-Muslims?”
  1. How can you, Tee, expect the non muslims to convert to Islam with what you have done as a convert ?
    You are indeed a very bad example of what a muslim is just like shenanigan Mahathir, is it any wonder why in his life time he has shown to the non muslims what a muslim is ? He is a bloody shenanigan and to prove he is a Malay, when he is not, he went and still goes out of his way just like you to marginalise the non Malays. A true muslim does not corrupt the way he does, not to mention the many atrocities he committed.
    He is a crying shame to the muslims just like you !

  2. pinsysu says:

    he’s a fake … nothing more. waste time tokng abt him. period.

  3. 1Wish says:

    A dangerous fake can be disastrous. His holiness should catch **** soon.

    Hartalmsm: Comment edited.

  4. talhah72 says:

    “Why is someone who claims to be championing Islam been the subject of — by his own admission — “hundreds of thousands of abusive and angry words?”

    Because he’s telling the truth to this sick sick world?

    The bigger question is who are those hundred and hundreds of thousands people…..

    One person that i know that can equal his record is Jesus . Just type Jesus on the Youtube and read the comments mostly made by those atheist dude and gals, gay people, well you know…

    But then he is not a priest nor a monk. Well some say he is not even a human. So he doesnt count.

    mmmmmmmm perhaps you should type Mohammed instead.

    • anonymous says:

      talhah72, Jesus did not steal, cheat, tell lies, fitnah, accused people of all sorts of things or quarrel with anyone. Prophet Mohammed is the same. But Ridhuan Tee has cheated, stolen, tell lies, fitnah, accuses people of all sorts of things and quarrel with many people, including those from IKIM, RMC when he was a PIBG member and his colleagues at UPNM. How dare you even compare Prophets with a mere sinful mortal like Ridhuan Tee? He is not even a true ustaz.

  5. jungleboy says:

    Non-Malays muslim will always try to be more-malay than the original malays. Look at mamakthir!

  6. telur dua says:

    It is cause and effect. Reap what you sow. He bad-mouth others and others just @#%^ him lah.

    Is he too mind @#$% to even understand this?

  7. ktteokt says:

    رضوان تي، ملايو تيروان

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