Perkasa on warpath, MCA shrugs

Perkasa has identified 15 adversaries to be put on its watch list. These are “15 orang tokoh politik yang dianggap memusuhi dasar perjuangannya” (15 politicians deemed to be enemies of the movement’s struggle).

Donald Lim is one. Khairy Jamaluddin, with whom Ibrahim Ali recently had a spat with, is another.

The rest on the list include PKR politicians that Perkasa claims have made anti-Melayu utterances, reported an article Monday in the Perkasa website.

According to earlier news reports, Donald (he’s MCA vice-president) had pointed out that MCA was not suited to take on the responsibility of countering Perkasa as political parties and NGOs like Perkasa operate at different levels.

In response to the flap surrounding Donald’s call for “a Chinese Perkasa”, fellow MCA vice-president Chor Chee Hueng has said that the community need not bother with Perkasa because it is an irrelevant NGO.

MCA president Chua Soi Lek also stated that MCA does not need to reply to Perkasa all the time.

MCA deputy president Liow Tiong Lai has distanced himself from Donald saying Donny’s stand is personal and not reflective of the party, whereas MCA Wanita vice-chief Heng Seai Kie said his personal views do not reflect the opinions of the Chinese community [inasmuch as MCA is presumed to be in touch with Chinese sentiments — something that is in doubt].

So now Perkasa should feel quite secure that while it can put certain MCA politicians on notice, the major figures in MCA will not retaliate nor mount any rebuttals but simply shrug their shoulders.

And Donny, Perkasa is watching you but sadly you’re on your own. Nobody in your party will be watching your back. And nobody will be watching Perkasa which will then have a free rein.

Poor Donny said that MCA’s hands are tied and “MCA can only respond [to Perkasa] up to a certain level” and it should be up to the NGOs to fight another NGO. Hmm, is he expecting the MCA think-tank Insap to do the job? Has anyone here ever heard of Insap?

3 Responses to “Perkasa on warpath, MCA shrugs”
  1. Pondan says:

    So MCA tries to behave like noble gentlemen, Dap LKS/Pua, PKR Tian attacked Donald worse than perkasa.Good public relationship in your minds but we the public see you as pondan. Any plan B may we ask? If NO pls sit down,be quiet and let Donny take him down like a man before this monster tear the country apart..

  2. Now MCA should know why the Malaysian Chinese want to have nothing to do with them.
    Also now you know why all the past MCA Presidents are now multi millionaires in their retirements and why Dr. Chua is fighting so very hard to be the president.

  3. TOKZ says:

    I sincerely view DONALD LIM as the true MALAYSIAN CHINESE HERO. DONALD’s recent act can put WONG FEI HUNG + BRUCE LEE + JET LI + JACKIE CHAN to ULTIMATE SHAME. Moreover, DONALD’s recent remark had already buried so-called CHINESE POLITICAL FIGHTER such as “Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng & Tony Pua” to 6 feet underground. Why am I saying so???

    Can anyone tell me which MALAYSIAN CHINESE would dare to make such a remark as what have done by MIGHTY DUCK for Malaysian Chinese rights??? Lim Kit Siang & company are only capable to TALK & OBJECT but when it comes to what it matters most of which is ACTION……Lim & Co. hid under their MAMA’s panties. What makes it more SHAMEFUL for Lim & Co. is that instead of putting their talk into walk, they are making a FOOL out of themselves by OBJECTING Chinese Perkasa . I bet most CHINESE would say “PEI YAN Txx” (that’s if you know what it means) to this group of so-called FAKE CHINESE of MALAYSIA.
    TOKZ, your chinese ‘Don’ was reported as saying:

    The MCA vice-president who suggested the idea, also gave a strong indication that the proper body to take the role would be the vocal Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH).

    The Chinese community and Chinese associations such as the KLSCAH can play such a role. MCA can only respond up to a certain level — it should be NGOs versus their counterparts,” said Lim.

    KLSCAH have categorically said “No”.

    Thus, your disingenuous Donny pee-d on the wrong tree in trying to pass the buck.

    And you CLAIM he can bark at Perkasa?

    Befuddled Donny is still waddling. Definitely, not walking – shar101

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