The Umno-Perkasa connection

The Perkasa website carried this story yesterday, ‘Wira Perkasa ajak Ketua Pemuda MCA berdialog‘.

Wira appears to be the Youth wing of Perkasa and the statement quoted in the story was attributed to Wira Perkasa chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah.

Now guess who Arman is?

News portal Merdeka Review carried a press statement by Kg Tunku Adun Lau Weng San back during the height of the kalimah Allah controversy in January 2010 – Protes isu “Allah” di dalangi orang UMNO.

According to Lau, Arman is the PJ Utara Umno Youth information chief (see also accompanying screenshot).

Do we have a Jekyll and Hyde situation here?

8 Responses to “The Umno-Perkasa connection”
  1. TOKZ says:

    Go for it WEE KA SIONG!!!

    I’m more than HAPPY to accompany you there & CHALLENGE those INSANE FROGS!!!

    Let’s show them we CHINESE are NO PUSHOVERS!!!

    • TOKZ says:

      Hey Hello!!! When I mean CHALLENGE, it means CHALLENGE in debate, ok??? No physical challenge, please.

      We are NOT BARBARIANS!!!

  2. Wong Sai Hou punya macai says:

    I’m a member of MCA PJU.

    Those PERKASA KATAK wanna challenge us??? “FONG MAH KOR LEI” (let ’em come)!!!

    It’s time for MCA to show its’ value to all MALAYSIAN CHINESE. No MCA, MALAYSIAN CHINESE will all be doomed.

    Go, Go WEE KA SIONG!!!

  3. Kenny Ong says:

    Can anyone hear the FROGS croaking???

    Webek, webek, webek!!!!

    Anyone in for FROG PORRIDGE at Jalan Alor??? Frog Porridge ala PERKASA style available. Free of charge if you are a CHINESE

  4. Dr. Pang HC says:

    MCA should change its logo to a dogs with its tails between its legs.

    I am Chinese and i have no sense of kinship to MCA.

    MCA can close shop and go on making porn DVDs of its leaders for all i care.

    My loyalty is to PAS/Pakatan Rakyat.

    MCA, please die.

    • TOKZ says:

      Hi PANG,

      Noted you have no kinship with MCA. I truly understand it.

      Then the more you should SUPPORT the formation of CHINESE PERKASA. It’s a new avenue of organization of which could help all MALAYSIAN CHINESE towards our rights, welfare & so on. Moreover, it can also help the MALAYSIAN CHINESE to shut the KATAK up.

      Oooii Katak, pi MAMPUS lah!!!

  5. Takut says:

    So DAP Lim KS,Pua ,PKR Tian would you guys be brave enough to go together with Wee and Donald Mca and face these hot blooded untoucables ? If scared, pls sit down and stop giving nice excuses by blogging only . This time MCA shows leadership wheareas Dap shows scarety cat.

  6. Ao says:

    Don’t keep pointing others for more success than u. Now, I know Perkasa in Malaysia doesn’t mean strong. Insteed of Perkauman, Peminta, Pemalas, Pendegil & Perompak yang OTC. They should think, plan & work harder to improve their life. Why always accuse other people as if, others don’t have their problems,too? Should learn from Zaid Ibrahim ( Aku pun melayu). That’s wiser & professional. I also hope my fellow Malay friends success in their life. Only Perkasa a batu halangan for the true Malays. To the umno cronies, Perkasa was a tool for what they want is to gain more power & greed for themselves.

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