40 non-Malays going to Gaza on jihad?

It’s industry practice that publications for the masses tailor their writings to suit their audience. It is on the basis of language or the political orientation of its readership, their interests, etc.

In Malaysia, there can be different slants to the same story from the Malay press, English or Chinese press, as well as depending on their ownership.

Yesterday NST carried a story headlined ‘70 doctors want to help in Gaza’.

The article begins, “The two-month old Kelab Putera 1Malaysia is sending a team to Gaza on Aug 7 that will include doctors of all races,” and adds, “The doctors comprise 30 Malays, 20 Indians and 20 Chinese.”

The mission is a coordinated effort with the Red Crescent and Wisma Putra (Foreign Ministry) and timed for the holy month of Ramadan.

Compared to NST, reports in the Malay papers had more spice. The infamous Berita Harian, as to be expected, cannot bear to call the country of Israel by name and referred to “rejim Zionis”. The daily said “rejim Zionis” in the same breath with “kekejaman”; just like how national propaganda cannot feature the word ‘communist’ without the accompanying adjective ‘terrorist’ so that the term is always appears inseparably as ‘communist terrorist’.

A less controversial Malay daily compared to BH and Utusan is Sinar Harian. It is credited by its readers as being fairer to the Opposition and more honest in its reporting.

Sinar Harian’s longer and more detailed report of the same story (also see pix above) quotes Kelab Putera 1Malaysia president Abdul Azeez Abdul Karim as saying “Apa pun caranya, yang penting bantuan kita sampai ke sana kerana kita pergi atas dasar jihad fisabililah.”

We wonder if the 40 non-Muslim doctors who volunteered for Gaza are aware that they’re being funded under the auspices of jihad.

2 Responses to “40 non-Malays going to Gaza on jihad?”
  1. hartalmsm says:

    Somewhat related, our earlier posting ‘Heck, they’re just blacks … who cares’. We had suggested that some of the volunteers be diverted to Haiti which desperately needs humanitarian aid. No, no need to send any more money. But Haiti requires helping ‘hands’ (physically). Money has already been generously donated to Haiti in the billions. However, translating the cash pledges to hands-on effort has been slow going. Please click on url and read about the current situation there.

  2. Why isn’t shenanigan Mahathir or his one of his sons on this ?

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