1makwe, ye?

The 1Malaysia sloganeering has taken a life of its own. Every day you see something or other about it in the media.

There is of course the fount of the concept, the PM’s website. For some reason, it’s a dotcom and not a gov.my.

There is also Yayasan 1Malaysia, a foundation that has on its board of trustees among others Chandra Muzaffar, Lee Lam Thye, Tony Fernandes.

1belia 1Malaysia was launched last week by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Then there are the 1Malaysia patriotic songs – by Siti Nurhaliza, Faizal Tahir, Roy (Roy’s appears to be the official version).

Limkokwing sound and design did their 1Malaysia song too. The Limkokwing YouTube clip received 645 comments with 1verypatriotic commentator telling the rest: “to all who hate this song … go to hell and get out from Malaysia”.

Wow! If we hate teh tarik, nasi lemak and Yasmin Ahmad’s twee Petronas ads, are we consigned to hell too?

Anyway, one shouldn’t worry too much about Lim Kok Wing. He made a mint doing the Rakan Muda publicity and promotions. His theme song for that project was always shown on TV along with the video, remember?

There are the Klinik 1Malaysia, Sukuk 1Malaysia, Amanah Saham 1Malaysia, 1Malaysia F1 Team, 1Malaysia Best (branding for agro-based products) and etc, etc.

Pushing it further, there are the programmes and campaigns utilizing ‘1’, such as 1murid 1sukan, 1toilet, 1lostsoul (click this one, please, please)

Kami nak berpesan kepada konco-konco Umno, jangan le semua nampak aje dah … “i1” pulak — tu nak, ni pun nak, semua bolos.

Dan kepada No.1, beringatlah – kepimpinan melalui teladan – jadi, 1awek only, ya?

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