‘Shut the (bleep) up! Go back to Auschwitz’

Video released July 15 after conclusion of Israeli commission of inquiry into the flotilla raid. “Shut the (bleep) up! Go back to Auschwitz” — message from the Mavi Marvara ‘peace activists’ to the Israeli intercept calling on the ship to divert to the port of Ashdod.

Coverage of ‘weapons or no weapons’ poser in Malaysian MSM earlier in June.

The Star made no mention that the ‘peace activists’ had weapons at all in its several reports on Day 1 when the news broke. Its report further quotes Mahathir as saying, “I feel very angry that the Israelis have used force against unarmed people.”

NST reports Mahathir as rubbishing claims by the Israeli authorities that those on the ships had sharp objects with them. “What do they mean by sharp objects? Knives or pencils?” he asked.

Blogger Scott Thong posts that “Day 2, The Star still carries only denials of weapons and attacks by the activists while photo, video and testimony evidence is flying around all over the Net.

Scott reports, “Day 3, The Star carries a front-page denial of any weapons used: Volunteers fought Israelis with water and sticks – ‘I did not see any sharp weapons like knives, machetes, swords and so on being used, but volunteers merely used water from hoses to stop the commandos from boarding the ship’.”

Now we know that Sniveling Star, NST and the rest of the MSM carried false news on their front pages, just like how Berita Harian lied.

Nine Israeli soldiers were wounded, three seriously and evacuated by air. They had knife and gunshot wounds. Not pencil stabs, as mocked by the Loony Tun.

Also from Scott, “NST includes this admission: Rachel Corrie to break Israeli blockade to Gaza – The Irish activists on board insisted they would not accept diversion to an Israeli or Egyptian port, because their campaign was designed to challenge the naval blockade and Israel’s right to dictate what went into Gaza.”

The organizers of the flotilla were clearly seeking a confrontation; after Turkey sailed, Libya followed and Yemen. Who next? The royal navy of Timbucktoo?

See also, Latest: Flotilla towed by political tugboat

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