Nut Graph had RM2 million-plus to play with

Online news portal The Nut Graph is winding down and moving on to becoming a weekly; read their ‘Plan B‘.

NG founder Jacqueline Ann Surin, writing about the dissolution revealed: “At present, as the remaining co-founder in the company, I am no longer able to justify spending up to RM80,000 a month when our income stream doesn’t come close to matching our monthly overheads.”

RM80,ooo  a month is extravagant overheads for seven staff.

They had obtained seed money to freely spend for two years, i.e. RM80,000 x 24 months = RM1,920,000 excluding start-up costs. Tally the later funding from Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Asia Foundation, as well as from public donations, and all will easily add up to more than RM2 million and then some.

Nonetheless, as the NG rides into another horizon, a ‘new’ news operation in cyberspace more worthy of your attention is Free Malaysia Today, which after a shaky start, has quickly found solid footing. For those who haven’t before tuned in to FMT, check it out.

3 Responses to “Nut Graph had RM2 million-plus to play with”
  1. Zaharom Nain says:

    RM80,000 for staff, rental, payment to contributors, etc, I believe, is money well spent over the past couple of years, given the high standards that The Nut Graph tried to maintain consistently during the period.

    • hartalmsm says:

      For high standards in pro bono journalism & sparing generous sponsors such pampered expenditure, see Anil Netto, linked on our right panel.

  2. $quandering says:

    The Penang Botanic Garden arches were built at exorbitant cost. USM conducted a public opinion poll asking if the beautification project was deemed suitable for the site and did the titling arches bring any significance to the place. The construction will be coming down; at the cost of more money needless to say.

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