Recommend posh hotel to Rosmah

AFP pix/Getty images – Supermarket in Gaza City taken June 17, 2010

UPDATED: Photos of the Gaza hotels can be viewed in our next posting here, ‘Might this meet with Rosmah’s approval?‘ (click to view)

Rosmah Mansor said the 1Malaysia Putera Club mission to Gaza reflected the sensitivity of Malaysians in feeling for the plight of Palestinians.

The mission co-organised with Red Crescent will be embarking for Gaza in the coming Ramadan, Bernama reports the PM’s wife as saying in a briefing at her residence today.

If Rosmah should decide to accompany the 55 volunteers, she might want to check out Roots Club and Restaurant in Gaza. Their beef stroganoff and cream of spinach soup, steak au poivre and chicken cordon bleu comes highly recommended, while the Greens Terrace Garden Cafe serves ‘eclectic food and fresh cocktails’.

Or she could enjoy a swim in a red hot bikini at the new Olympic-size swimming pool in another complex opened in May.

A Middle East reporter Tom Gross (restuarant pix taken from his website) claims, “Many Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza live a middle class (and in some cases an upper class) lifestyle that Western journalists refuse to report on because it doesn’t fit with the simplistic story they were sent to write”.

They can be said to be forwarding “the manipulative agenda of the BBC and other foreign media agencies,” writes Gross. Hartal would include the hysterically self-righteous local MSM in the same roll of dishonour of being agenda driven, over the top and crafting deliberate omissions.

Rosmah had said in her briefing that 10 journalists would also join the Malaysian mission to Gaza. Perhaps our reporters should take up the challenge to prove Gross wrong.

In press coverage of Malaysia is seen the throngs who shop in Suria KLCC and work in the Petronas Twin Towers. Nobody suppresses photography portraying the affluence of sections of our capital and the lifestyle in Mont Kiara and Seri Hartamas.

Yet the same journalists who constantly point a finger at Israel were outraged by the publication of the above Gaza photos. One journalist asked an Israeli official in the government press office, ‘don’t you have rich and poor areas [in Gaza] like everywhere else?’

He responded by asking her, ‘Why don’t you write about the affluent parts of Gaza?”

5 Responses to “Recommend posh hotel to Rosmah”
  1. samuel jackson says:

    why dont you go and stay in gaza for a few weeks and come back tell us all those sufferings they endure are lies? have some human compassion for the most of the people who suffer over there.

  2. iconnoclast says:

    Has it occurred to you that the Palestinian problem has more to do with the Arabs than the Israelites?

  3. The children of shenanigan Mahathir and the shenanigan himself are so rich they can and should donate a small fraction of their wealth to the Palestine to justify their strong vocal supports for the Palestine. The shenanigan himself should be seen going to deliver the aid to the Palestine, why all talk and no action ?

  4. gunse says:


    these people esp Rosmah is a hypocrite.

    you wont see her follow najib to Miri like few days ago or to Sabah, kelantan or any poor place in malaysia. Its the same when she go overseas trip with najib.

    She went for shopping in New York, London and paris…but when in India, they had a charity visit it seems while najib n rosmah was there, but rosmah refuse to go for that charity as she says India is filthy and poor unlike Paris….

    What a crap.

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