Sign that bumi quota will be scrapped

AP pix: New shopping mall opened in Gaza on July 17, 2010. “The mall is being widely featured in media throughout the Arab world, for example here but why the continuing silence from Western media who subscribe to AP …?” Tom Gross/Mideast Dispatch

UPDATED: Photos of the Gaza hotels recommended for the Datin Seri’s stay can be viewed in our next posting here, ‘Might this meet with Rosmah’s approval?’ (click to view)

Rosmah Mansor yesterday announced that of the 30 doctors soon going to Gaza, 10 are Malay, 10 Chinese and 10 Indian. The ratio displays a most surprisingly (unheard of!) equal opportunity.

Please go to our posting yesterday and click the Bernama link, where the PM’s wife was quoted as saying how proud she was that “a multi-racial team of medical specialists and officers is also participating” and “reflected the spirit of 1Malaysia”.

A fortnight ago, there were the newspaper headlines ‘70 doctors want to help in Gaza’ (30 Malay doctors, 20 Chinese and 20 Indians) and a deluge of press coverage to announce the preparation for their stint. While 70 doctors had applied to be in the medical team, not all would be selected for the first passage.

The Gaza project is a coordinated effort by newly established organization Kelab Putera 1Malaysia with the Red Crescent and Wisma Putra, see our earlier posting on this.

Since the Foreign Ministry is involved, and it was Rosmah who gave yesterday’s press briefing, we’re assuming that the initiative has full government backing and approval.

Why we say this is because Rosmah is attached to the Prime Minister’s Office. Her official website is at this address –

A dot ‘gov’ ‘my’ code indicates a domain belonging officially to the government of Malaysia.

The 10:10:10 Malay-Chinese-Indian breakdown raises high hopes that racial discrimination in government-sanctioned activities has been set aside and the NEP race quota discarded.

We only hope that Perkasa will not now wave their kerises and demand the Ibrahim Ali formula of 67% Bumi equity, and for 20 Malay doctors to be represented instead of the small number of 10 chosen.

A second interesting point from the ethnic breakdown is that out of the 20 Chinese and 20 Indian doctors shortlisted, 10 from each race — again unprecedentedly! — made the grade. Their success rate is 50%.

Whereas out of the 30 Malay doctors on the shortlist, only 10 were picked – a success rate of 33%. It looks like the bumiputera is being outperformed by the minorities even in the Palestinian effort where the former had a head start and long involvment.

When the Chinese decide to muscle in on a hitherto Malay franchise, they must — as always — show they can do it louder and better. These Chinese, for example, went to great lengths in shouting “me, me, me!” on who hates the Jews most, and who loves the Palestinians best.

Perhaps the Malay NGOs protecting Malay rights do indeed have good cause to be worried about being eclipsed in achievement when the non-Malays are proving so competitive.

Pix below: The Gaza Mall has cosmetics counters selling top perfumes from Paris, and children’s clothes

Rosmah can do her shopping after all if she decides to charperone the Malaysian contingent.

4 Responses to “Sign that bumi quota will be scrapped”
  1. They reckon that going to Gaza it is not the responsibility of the muslims but the non muslims !

  2. 2nd class says:

    Even in this Palestinian issue, there is a place for racism. I think you are really shame for Malaysia trying to put racism into everything. The only hope for Malaysia to progress is to discard the NEP.If you are like those stupid poor Malay who continue to support UMNO for their racist agenda in order for them to enrich and fullfill the greed of the UMNOputra, then it is a sad day for the poor Malay. UMNO had been fooling the poor Malay for last 50 years for their own lust and greed. It is time for them to wake up.

  3. Bollox to BN says:

    Itu penguin pergi Gaza untuk melancung kah? Tidak pergi Paris, London dan New York membeli-belah? Aiseh.

  4. yap says:

    Thank god for the internet! And thank you hartal msm 🙂 🙂

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