Mysinchew trying to outdo Utusan in Perkasa-ish posturing

A senior Chinese journalist is giving Perkasa a run for their money.

In our posting yesterday, we wrote: “When the Chinese decide to muscle in on a hitherto Malay franchise, they must — as always — show they can do it louder and better. These Chinese, for example, went to great lengths in shouting “me, me, me!” on who hates the Jews most, and who loves the Palestinians best.”

We were alluding to mysinchew editor Thomas Lee.

In his op-ed, Lee tries to explain why the words ‘Zion’ and ‘Zionist’ are “so sensitive”.

But before that, a piece of trivia that Hartal came across: Palestinian organizers censored the song ‘Rivers of Babylon’ by Boney M when the 1970s disco group recently played in a West Bank concert.

The objectionable lyrics had to do with remembering Zion – according to Haaretz newspaper – where “the song’s chorus quotes from the Book of Psalms, referring to the exiled Jewish people’s yearning to return to the land of Israel”. [Censorship is … Can’t say this, can’t sing that]

ANALYSIS of mysinhew: Hartal comments follow the asterisks.

(1) Lee wrote: “The Arabs had no objection to the Jewish immigrants settling in Palestine and were prepared for a peaceful co-existence with them …”

*** He should look up the Nazi Palestinian Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the history of Israel’s wars, “drive them to the sea”, Hamas’ charter and other manifesto from the Islamist movements as well as Iranian President (though not an Arab) Ahmadinejad’s warmongering against Israel.

(2) Lee wrote: “As a result of the unreasonable and unjust actions of the Jews after the establishment of Israel as a nation state in 1948 …”

*** You’re saying there were no unreasonable and unjust actions of the Arabs, or are you simply omitting the other side of the story in keeping with the entrenched bias here? What about the expulsion of Jews from the Arab countries then? Or Turkey’s invasion and occupation of Christian Cyprus?

(3) Lee wrote: Life for the Palestinians has been a living hell over the years, since Israel started on its aghast aggressive aggrandizement of the land soon after becoming a nation state.

*** Duh? What’s “aghast aggressive aggrandizement of the land” in grammatical English that readers can understand, please? (Note: Lee is old school English-educated and not a Mandarin writer)

(4) Lee wrote: “The Palestinians live in overcrowded, unhygienic squalid and flood-prone refugee camps in the land that was once their home for generations.”

*** He should take a look at the photos that we’ve put up, here, here, here and here.

(5) Lee wrote: The Israeli atrocities are certainly inhumane, and included massacres and bombings. The old, women and children are not spared their persecution” and concluding with “… killing, robbing them and even raping their womenfolks [sic]”. This is what Zionism is all about.”

*** Describing the extreme slant in Malaysian media against Israel, blogger Scott Thong observed how MSM is fond of spinning that

“Israel will not stop ‘until it controls all of West Asia’ – not even Palestine or the Middle East. And the most blatant part – Israel didn’t unintentionally kill Palestinians. It didn’t even murder them. It ‘drank the blood of Palestinian citizens’. I kid you not.”

Aptly illustrated in above picture of the Perkasa demo. See the blood-smeared mouth of the evil “Zionist regime” effigy they’re beating with the stick.

Recommended reading for Thomas Lee – Scott Thong’s ‘Jordan is Palestine’. And Lee really shouldn’t tread the Utusan path of inciting race hatred against Jews (even if he calls them Zionists). It doesn’t suit Sin Chew.

2 Responses to “Mysinchew trying to outdo Utusan in Perkasa-ish posturing”
  1. Rollie Kenmore says:

    Join me in the general boycott of Malaysia…

    Boycott erasures made in Malaysia…

    Tun Mahathir Mohamad is a racist devil…boycott his devilish land…

  2. truth says:

    In just 50 years, almost a million Jews, whose communities stretch back up to 3,000 years, have been ‘ethnically cleansed’ from Arab countries. These refugees outnumber the Palestinian refugees two to one, but their narrative has all but been ignored. Unlike Palestinian refugees, they fled not war, but systematic persecution.

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