The best place for Polis Di Raja Malaysia

LAT pix — Sounlove Zamor and her sister

By Hartal MSM

Israel was one of the first on the ground after the devastating Haiti earthquake in January. She dispatched a 220-personnel emergency rescue-and-response team as well as set up a high-tech field hospital staffed with 40 doctors, 25 nurses and paramedics.

Najib Razak sent Haiti a message of condolence. Rosmah did not pack off any Malaysian doctors, unlike her great humanitarian effort for Gaza.

The ‘Zionist regime’ is still continuing its aid mission to the broken and impoverished island. Early next month, a Haitian girl Sounlove Zamor will be making her first ever trip aboard – to Israel. The Los Angeles Times reports that Sounlove can’t place the tiny country on a map “but knows it’s mentioned a lot in the Bible”.

Sounlove is a double amputee, one among the thousands crippled following the quake. Her father was a fatal victim of the disaster, causing the 19-year-old and her sister to lose the family’s main breadwinner.

In Port-au-Prince, a Third World capital reduced to rubble, there is no infrastructure for people in wheelchair or other disabled.

It is now six months since the earthquake which registered 7.0 on the Richter scale.

Nigel Fisher, the deputy representative of the United Nations sec-gen in Haiti, told a press briefing on Monday that Haiti “is the biggest urban disaster that the world has seen in living memory”. In fact, UN aid agencies say an estimated 1.5 million people are still displaced and living in tents.

Aside from the dead and injured, the earthquake and its dozens of aftershocks took their toll on close to 5,000 schools which were damaged or destroyed. It is estimated that between 230,000 and 300,000 (recently revised figure) were killed; bodies continue to be dug up from the ruins.

On Tuesday, the American Red Cross launched a new fundraising drive in anticipation of a very active hurricane season.

Tropical rains have been lashing Haiti, exacerbating vomiting and diarrhea – conditions “as common as flies” – among the inhabitants living in temporary shelters. The hurricanes pose a grave risk, more so when Haitians are not properly housed and thus have little protection against the elements.

Sounlove too has been living in tents with relatives since March. However, with Jewish sponsorship, she will soon be flying to Tel Aviv to be fitted with prosthetic limbs at the Sheba Medical Center and extending her stay four months for rehabilitation.

In a separate development, the UN has requested that its member countries contribute police forces to assist in keeping law and order in Haiti. Israeli police officers will soon be joining their counterparts from Italy and Serbia for this purpose.

Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Monday: “This is a Jewish, humanitarian action that serves as a continuation to [our] fast response to the earthquake in Haiti.”

As far as Hartal knows, Malaysia has sent zilch help to Haiti. In our earlier March posting, we noted that UN sec-gen Ban Ki-Moon was reported to have praised Israel for showing a ‘great love of humanity’ in Haiti whereas Mercy Malaysia – which sent seven missions to Gaza in 2009 – gave the excuse that Haiti was too far away.

We’ve also noticed the general Malaysian indifference to the plight of the Haitians, especially from local media despite the enormous number of casualties and Haiti being one of the poorest countries in the world.

Malaysians are hyper concerned about a certain people in a particular corner of the world but show little sympathy for poverty-stricken Haitians whose camp children have swollen bellies and hair turning orange from malnutrition.

In another previous posting, we suggested that perhaps one of the Malaysian-sponsored boats in the flotillas bound for Gaza could be diverted to Haiti. Our proposal was not taken up as Mahathir and his Perdana Global Peace Foundation, quite understandably, are deaf to a pesky mosquito blog like ours.

Nonetheless it is not too late for Malaysia to shake off our apathy with regard to the suffering masses in Haiti, especially in view of the month of Ramadan coming up and in the spirit of charity.

If Malaysia hasn’t extended any financial aid as yet, and our doctors and humanitarian activists are devoted only to Gaza, then at least our Polis Di Raja Malaysia should go to Haiti. After all, the UN did make an appeal for the services of policemen there.

3 Responses to “The best place for Polis Di Raja Malaysia”
  1. May be the word ‘kindness’ does not exit in the muslim’s dictionary especially the Malaysia muslims
    in questioned !
    They are bad examples very bad examples of muslims, they do not allow non muslims
    to use the word Allah and make up Islamic laws only in Malaysia to suit themselves. Who were they
    before they embraced Islam just a while back ?
    They lick the ass of the Arabs these days, when some of the Arabs do not even know where is

  2. shar101 says:

    I’d agree if you had written ‘UMNO’ muslims instead.

  3. VALIANT says:

    The Arabs have no water in huge amounts to wash their asses. That is why the Malaysians run after them despite the Arabs ignoring that a country called Malaysia really exists. Our Foreign Service officials must be credited for hiding in corners or crowding amongst themselves resulting in further dampening the existence of this Nation.

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