Cuti-cuti Gaza / Hartal is 1 today

Al-Ahram pix: Gaza holiday resort (July 17, 2010)

A little while ago, we put up the posting, ‘Palestinians enjoy more expensive holidays than your average Kedahan or Sabahan’.

Looking at the Gaza resort pictured above, we’re guessing domestic tourist destinations for Gazans aren’t too bad.  It’s mentioned in an article in Egyptian daily Al-Ahram by journalist Ashraf Abu Al-Houl, source here.

We heard that besides the Al-Bustan, there’s another luxury resort called Zahrat Al-Madain.

By the way, Hartal is one year old today. The team, who are all wholly volunteers doing this blog pro bono — we all have our day jobs — could do with a sip of tequila by the sea. (Gaza beach front photo below is Hotel Aldeira) .

Update: Jerusalem Post has story.

3 Responses to “Cuti-cuti Gaza / Hartal is 1 today”
  1. niakong says:

    “Happy Birthday, Hartal!!!”

  2. Anonymouz says:

    Happy birthday guys. Thanks for all the cheese.

  3. gckhoo says:

    Have a sip of tequila on me! Happy Birthday Hartal!

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