Palestinians enjoy more expensive holidays than your average Kedahan or Sabahan

UPDATED: For more photos, see ‘Cuti-cuti Gaza‘.

An article in the July, 2010 issue of Palestinian newspaper Al-Safeer aliqtisadi reported on a statistical report released by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics regarding domestic and outbound tourism the previous year.

The article said the bureau had conducted a specialized household survey with a sample of 7,772 Palestinian households.

The results of the survey indicated that 38.1% of households in the Palestinian Territory took domestic trips and 15.6% took outbound trips in 2009.

52.0% of the households that took trips visited Jordan; while 21.4% visited Saudi Arabia.

The Al-Safeer aliqtisadi newspaper is published in both Arabic and English, and we can see from the passages next quoted that their English is not quite perfect but really no worse than Sniveling Star.

“Survey results showed that 17.9% of households that conducted trips were aimed at leisure and recreation, 46.3% were to visit relatives and friends, and 35.8% were for work and official missions.

“The total expenditures of households in the Palestinian Territory on the outbound trips was about US$137 million of which US$26 million expend on entertainments tourism trips.

“The average expenditures on the outbound tourism trip by household in the Palestinian Territory was US$975.2 during the year of 2009.”

Hartal is musing: Converted into ringgit, that’s RM3,103 that a Palestinian household averagely spends on one holiday, folks.

Source: Al-Safeer aliqtisadi

It bills its self as an “independent Palestinian economic monthly newspaper” — the only one specializing in economic issues, and with “a unique style of economic reportage which will be of great value for public and private sectors as well as the international bodies active in Palestine.”

6 Responses to “Palestinians enjoy more expensive holidays than your average Kedahan or Sabahan”
  1. Make sure the shenanigan Mahathir and members of his family are aware of this.
    May be after that they might think again and again about sending aids to Gaza but
    was it , as usual, only for their publicity.

    • Penan anak Sarawak says:

      “Converted into ringgit, that’s RM3,103 that a Palestinian household averagely spends on one holiday, folks.”
      Thats probably how much Najib spend on his ‘cats’ per month but that amount per year will make a Penan live like a king in the jungle of Sarawak.

  2. amoker says:

    Good stuff.
    Wonder why we make a fuss using Dr M’s boat to send aid to gaza, when they can spend that money to go galivanting.

    Malaysians are so gullible.

  3. niakong says:

    And we have “generous” goons sponsoring Palestinian students to study here.

    I’m not against that but it’s just that why no such generosity is extended to our own fellow Malaysians who can’t afford even primary schools.

    Gajah di depan mata tak nampak, kuman di seberang laut nampak. If this is not hipocrisy serving self-interest, then what is it?

  4. aspringsufi says:

    Glad someone highlighted this. Kedah has the most poverty stricken people highlighted in the media yet Dr.M cares more about the people in Gaza even though the aids are stranded at the port and not reaching the intended recipient. What a waste!! Dr. M and sons, please put priority in helping the people in your home state first . You should be ashamed that when we watch Talian Hayat, Bersama Mu etc., the majority of the family is Kedahan’s. Why so many downtrodden people in Kedah? Why are the many rich businessmen from Kedah not helping? Shame on them.

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