Why police so antsy about ‘Negaraku’?

What happened on Sunday night? According to FMT,

Anti-ISA protesters arrested

  • In Petaling Jaya, anti-riot personnel moved in on some 300 protesters when they started singing the national anthem at 8pm.
  • Later, the crowd gathered outside the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters, where those arrested were taken, and sang the Negaraku and lit candles. Once again the police moved in to disperse the protesters, who then sought refuge in nearby mamak stalls.
  • Speaking to reporters later, Petaling Jaya police chief Arjunaidi Mohamed said his men were forced to act against the protesters. … “We told them to disperse, but they refused and went into Amcorp Mall. When they came out, they scolded the police and challenged us, so we arrested them,” he said.

According to Malaysiakini,

Barricades greet anti-ISA vigils, 36 arrested

  • [Police] arrested those dressed in red – the ‘official’ colour for the vigil – and wearing ‘Abolish ISA’ badges.
  • Suaram’s director Kua Kia Soong: “What is the aim of the police? It’s going to make Malaysia more like a police state.

Snivel as usual

The Star did not speak to Dr Kua to get his comment, even though Suaram was one of the organisers of the event.

We found 3 reports in Star Online,

Police bail for 30 held at vigil

(a) This one is a short report totaling 115 words and employs phrases like “the illegal candlelight vigil”, “[protestors] defied orders to disperse”, “[police] had on Saturday warned the organisers not to proceed with the vigil as it was illegal”.

Police release all 34 arrested over ISA vigil

(b) This longer story similarly concluded on the note that the demonstrators were defiant and engaging in an illegal act. “Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar had earlier warned the organizers not to proceed with the vigil.”

Candlelight vigil sees arrests; activists huddle at shopping mall

  • They were told to disperse while Federal Reserve Unit and light strike force personnel were mobilised when they refused to do so.
  • A scuffle broke out between both parties causing the activists to head back towards the mall.

(c) Story as it first appeared in Sniveling Star makes it appear that the protesters were recalcitrant, and the charge by the Light Strike Force was not a one-sided offensive but what happened a confrontation of equal strength in the use of force.

To say that the Star coverage is a letdown is an understatement. Its present reporting on the anti-ISA protest is reminiscent of the paper’s infamous non-reporting of the Bersih rally.

2 Responses to “Why police so antsy about ‘Negaraku’?”
  1. TOKZ says:

    R all these fellas too free or what? Waste their time in such illegal gatherings.

    What are Malaysians becoming???? Primitive Barbarians???

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