Look who’s talking? It’s Mahathir, the selective amnesiac

(1) Mahathir Mohamad is claiming credit for his Perdana Global Peace Organisation as the body responsible for floating the idea that a flotilla should sail to Gaza.

In his blog posting today, ‘Genocide – the destruction of an identity’, he also wrote: “… Israeli commandos attacked and killed nine Turkish aid workers on the Mavi Marmara, and injured many others”.

See our Hartal posting on the so-called ‘aid workers’ overpowering, clubbing, stabbing and shooting trained commandos. If aid workers are such a force to be reckoned with, who needs military personnel?

(2) Mahathir also wrote: “The ships never entered Israeli waters on the way to Gaza and there has been no evidence that weapons were carried.” Mahathir had also sarcastically asked previously if the ‘peace activists’ were armed with sharp objects like pencils.

Perhaps Israel, like Malaysia, is unclear on the concept of territorial vs international waters. The order “Shoot them” – which Mahathir was alleged to have said about the Vietnamese boat people – was made when the refugees were at what nautical mile out at sea, one wonders. See Time and NYT stories (click).

(3) Mahathir claims the people accompanying the cargo were in no way connected with ‘terrorists’. See Hartal posting to the contrary here.

(4) Mahathir claims, “There were old women and babies among the people on the MV Mavi Marmara”. What kind of reckless “mercy workers” bring babies and their grandmothers on board when they attempt to break a blockade and knowing full well they would encounter the IDF? That’s sheer reckless endangerment!

(5) Mahahir wrote: “The UN in 1948 had divided Palestine between the Jews and the Arabs to create two states – Israel for the Jews and Palestine for the Palestinian Arabs.”

Hartal says:  Isn’t Jordan Palestine?

(6) Mahahir wrote: “The Arabs were hounded out of Israeli territory through threats of massacre as happened in Deir Yassin.”

Hartal says: The Jews killed 100 Arabs in Deir Yassin. In May 2007, the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp was leveled in the course of fighting between the Lebanese army and militants from Fatah al-Islam. See BBC story headlined ‘Massacre at Lebanon refugee camp’ here.

Why doesn’t Mahathir recall something that happened only three years ago but instead like his fellow Jew bashers continually harking back to an incident (Deir Yassin) that happened in 1948?! Like his selective memory at the VK Lingam, inquiry eh?

Kit Siang: “A quick count showed that Mahathir said “I cannot remember” or its equivalent 14 times during his 90-minute testimony before the Royal Commission.”

(7) Mahathir insists: “There should therefore be two states on Palestinian land – Israel and Palestine.”

Isn’t Jordan Palestine?

(8) Mahathir insists some more: “But the fact is that there is now no Palestine but only a Palestinian Authority.”

Isn’t Jordan Palestine?

(9) Mahathir insists with increased tenacity: “With this the state of Palestine ceased to exist.”

Or put it another way, a lot of Palestine became Jordan.

(1o) Mahathir: “In fact agreements notwithstanding, there would be only Israel occupying the whole of the land once known as Palestine. There would be no Palestinian identity. Palestine and its history would be lost.”

Hartal says: Jordan’s Queen Rania was born to Palestinian parents.

(11) Mahathir: “This is a form of genocide. A whole people will have been made to disappear very much as if they have all been exterminated. The world will forget there even was a Palestine.”

Hartal says: If Jordan’s majority population is Palestinian … (read here).

(12) Mahathir is one to talk. He should look in his own backyard at what is happening to the Penan, the Orang Asli and other orang asal.

One Response to “Look who’s talking? It’s Mahathir, the selective amnesiac”
  1. Look who is shenanigan Mahathir shaking hand with ?
    Didn’t this shenanigan paid millions just to shake the very hand of President Bush and also
    he called him a war criminal ! Now if ever there is a hypocrite the shenanigan is a real one,
    a bloody hypocrite and the biggest one in Malaysia !

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