Don’t bluff lah! KL where got poor people one

Pix above: Holiday resort in Gaza (Source: al-Ahram/Egyptian media)

Poverty in our capital city Kuala Lumpur has made international headlines; the news item was in India Times online aggregation.

Segambut parliamentarian Lim Lip Eng told a press conference yesterday that he recently received written answers to his question from both Najib Razak and Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister Raja Nong Chik.

Raja Nong Chik replied that there are 135 hardcore poor areas in KL while the PM stated there are 92.

While we’re not claiming that there is no hardship in Gaza, the local mainstream media is leaving great blanks and blacking out a lot of the photos that tell the other side of the Palestinian story, i.e. the posh hotels, the restaurants, the lingerie shops that Hamas has banned for their scantily clad mannequins.

Gazans are the biggest per-capita recipients of humanitarian aid in the world (view 2-minute YouTube below).

Waterpark pix below taken from Reuters and Chevrolet-waiting-for-buyer-in-Gaza pix is from SkyNews.

In our earlier posting ‘Pictures: How Gaza celebrated last Raya Korban‘, we reproduced a series of photographs from Palestine News Agency (Wafa). Meanwhile, the photo below of the sundry shop getting ready for Ramadan customers is a recent one (Aug 3) from Firas Press, which is an Arabic media.

In another posting ‘Palestinians enjoy more expensive holidays than your average Kedahan or Sabahan‘, we noted that a Palestinian household averagely spends RM3,103 on one holiday — according to a statistical report released by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics regarding annual domestic and outbound tourism (source: July 2010 issue of Palestinian economic newspaper Al-Safeer aliqtisadi).

Below also a statistical study released July 30, 2010 in conjunction with World Population Day giving some data on computer ownership and Internet penetration in Gaza and West Bank.

One of our readers ‘aspringsufi’ posted this comment last week: “Dr. M and sons, please put priority in helping the people in your home state first . You should be ashamed that when we watch Talian Hayat, Bersama Mu etc., the majority of the family is Kedahans. Why so many downtrodden people in Kedah?”

West Bank Gaza
Percentage of households with a computer 51.1 45.6
Percentage of households with an Internet connection 27.2 30.9
5 Responses to “Don’t bluff lah! KL where got poor people one”
  1. Lazarus says:

    Lim Guan Eng should be arrested for bribery and corruption. This Cheap Minister thinks he can buy votes with his RM100 gift to senior citizens . This is political corruption or political bribe , isn’t it ? To look at it from a different perpective , all senior citizens above 60 yrs old is entitled to this RM100 bribe , as to qualify for it you must register your name at only DAP service centers. Read more here

    • cslee says:

      You must be a joker. Your parents might be rich but most are not. Our present govt have been practicing and doing that for ages and you are siding them. By the way you are off for leaving your comments here.

      CSLee, trust you mean ‘off-topic’? – HartalMSM

  2. SugarDaddyKL says:

    Lazarus, why don’t you go hide in a closet and stick 4 fingers inside your ****** ********! What is so wrong in presenting 100 ringgit to the aged?

    *Comment edited – HartalMSM

  3. Pegasus says:

    Lazyrus, you must be one of the palestin enjoying life in Malaysia and not getting your head shot…

  4. Serious Shepherd says:

    I’ll give credit of Gaza’s prosperity to the govt of the day who was elected in a free and fair election (if I’m not mistaken the EC during that election was headed not by some Rashit guy but by Jimmy Carter, former President of the core nation of the free world)

    Unlike Kedah and Kelantan, Gaza got tunnels thus restrictions like cannot fish beyond 3 batu nautika or not entitled to oil royalty bcos located beyond 3 batu nautika does not effect the elected govt of Gaza very much.

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