Mercedes on the roads/VIPs on cargo deck

Pix taken from IMEMC (July 9, 2010). The International Middle East Media Center is a Palestinian organization.

The purpose of the Gaza flotilla was to break Israel’s naval blockade.

Writing in the Gisborne Herald today, renowned scientist Dr Rodney Brooks  said the blockade was only partial, and hence did not precipitate any “humanitarian crisis” as claimed by the flotilla organizers.

In his article ‘Gaza flotilla: The missing truths’, Brooks observed: “Each week Israel sends over 500 trucks carrying over 13,000 tonnes of food and medical supplies, one million litres of diesel fuel and 900 tonnes of cooking gas. Ironically, the life expectancy is longer in Gaza and the infant mortality rate lower than in Turkey, where the flotilla originated. This month a luxury shopping mall opened. Reporter Tom Gross claims that Gaza is “the only place where refugees drive Mercedes.”

Actually, Hartal came across a Palestinian article that said most of the vehicles smuggled into Gaza were Hyundai, KIA and BMW.



The Mavi Marmara is on its way back to Turkey, the New York Times reported today, adding that Israel’s Defense Ministry said it would release two more Turkish vessels that were part of the flotilla.

A separate report on an inside document found on the Mavi Marmara makes for interesting reading. This file stamped ‘Not for Distribution’ was retrieved from one of the computers aboard the Mavi Marmara seized by the Israelis.

“The document describes the goals of and preparations for the flotilla, lists problems and offers solutions.” The goals of the flotilla as defined in the document are clearly political, contradicting the public relations pitch of delivering humanitarian aid. “Elsewhere in the document, the goal is said to be generating media coverage and putting pressure on Israel.”

For a full account, please click the source website.

Detailing the flotilla mission strategies too, this ‘secret’ or inside document drafted by the Free Gaza movement said of their basic principle, “We will not turn back. The only way for Israel to stop us is to use force.”

As part of its mission preparation, Free Gaza addressed the contingency of ‘aerial boarding’ by the IDF and how to respond should the Israeli commandos manage to board the ship(s). Among the precautions suggested were that the wheelhouse be made impenetrable requiring replacement of glass with bulletproof glass, replacing doors with steel doors, and adding locks.

The Free Gaza document also considered the possibility that the IDF would open fire or use explosives to neutralize the ship. [As a matter of side interest, the Israel high command had examined the idea of halting the ships by sabotaging their propellers or engines, but it was rejected as impractical to disable a huge boat like the Mavi Marmara which could just sink).

This secret document found in Mavi Marmara clearly indicated that the so-called ‘peace activists’ were prepared for violence. What caught Hartal’s interest was one of the proposals as to what they should do if the IDF started shooting.

One of Free Gaza’s options  for that scenario was putting VIPs on the cargo ship’s deck (hoping their presence would deter the IDF soldiers).

In which case, it was lucky that none of the Malaysian participants were VIP enough, unlike some of the other celebrities, notable Americans and Europeans as well as members of parliament on board the flotilla.

Next time, Perdana Global Peace Organization (PGPO) – which is part of the Free Gaza coalition that includes the terrorist-linked Turkish NGO (IHH) and the organization that sponsored deceased activist Rachel Corrie (ISM) – should send more prominent Malaysian individuals who qualify as VIPs to be used as human shields visibly on the ship decks.

We nominate the PGPO chief Mahathir Mohamad to go!

After all, Mahathir’s had experience before dealing with such a high seas situation; didn’t he famously say “Shoot them” when the Vietnamese boat people neared our shore?

One Response to “Mercedes on the roads/VIPs on cargo deck”
  1. Pegasus says:

    well,we can’t wait for the ship to come to Malaysian shore to pick Mahathir, so,we will put him in the Malaysian submarine to palestin..whether the sub makes it or not is another story…

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