Mahathir never ceases to surprise

“There is strong evidence that the attacks were staged. If they can make Avatar, they can make anything,” Mahathir Mohamad told the Conference for the Support of Al-Quds (Jerusalem). Recommended reading here — Andrew Bolt/’Courier Mail’.

In Mahathir’s Aug 4 blog posting ‘Genocide – the destruction of an identity’, he also wrote: “… Israeli commandos attacked and killed nine Turkish aid workers on the Mavi Marmara, and injured many others”.

He then makes the pronouncement: “There were old women and babies among the people on the MV Mavi Marmara”.

Which begs the question of any reasonably sane person, what kind of “mercy workers” (Mahathir’s terminology to describe the flotilla activists) would recklessly bring babies and their grandmothers on board a ship sailing to a confrontation with the Israeli defence forces?

And Mahathir, true to form, totally fails to see any irony behind his words.

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The report below sheds some light on the sort of pro-Palestinian mentality that is willing to deliberately endanger “old women and babies”.

Take for instance this finding, “40 percent of Israeli noncombatants killed by Palestinians have been female, compared to 8.4 percent of Palestinian noncombatants killed by Israel”. Or this, “Israelis have killed 55 non-combatant “mature” Palestinians, while Palestinians have killed 148 “mature” Israeli noncombatants.”

The above figures are from a statistical analysis of casualties in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The analysis paper is titled ‘An Engineered Tragedy’, prepared by Don Radlauer of the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism.

Radlauer’s report examines the al-Aqsa Intifada from Sept 2000 to Sept 2002. More excerpts below:

The al-Aqsa conflict

2,200 deaths: 603 Israelis / 1,596 Palestinians killed (up to 29 Aug 2002)

But such numbers hide as much as they reveal: They lump combatants in with noncombatants, suicide bombers with innocent civilians, and report Palestinian “collaborators” murdered by their own compatriots as if they had been killed by Israel.

Correcting for such distortions, a figure of 617 Palestinian noncombatants killed by Israel, compared to 471 Israeli noncombatants killed by Palestinians is arrived at (see Graph 1.2). While Israelis account for 27 percent of the total fatalities as generally reported, they represent 43 percent of these noncombatant victims.

While Israeli fatalities in the al-Aqsa conflict have consisted of 80 percent noncombatants (and over 80 percent before the substantial IDF casualties suffered during the Jenin incursion of April 2002), Palestinian fatalities have consisted of more combatants than noncombatants (see Graphs 1.3 and 1.4).

  • Palestinian fatalities, in contrast, have been consistently and overwhelmingly, over 95 percent, male (see Graph 1.5).

  • 40 percent of Israeli noncombatants killed by Palestinians have been female, compared to 8.4 percent of Palestinian noncombatants killed by Israel (see Graph 1.6).
  • … Israel has been responsible for killing 52 Palestinian noncombatant females, while Palestinians have killed 187 Israeli noncombatant females – more than three times as many (see Graph 1.8).

  • In absolute terms, nearly three times as many Israeli noncombatants aged 45 and over have been killed as Palestinian noncombatants 45 and over (see Graph 1.10). – Source: International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism / for the graphs not shown on this page and full details, please go to the original site.

Biased and partisan media reports, however, obscure the combatant/noncombatant status in tallying the fatalities. One report in a Saudi newspaper contrasted some 1,400 Palestinian “civilians” killed with about 530 Israeli “soldiers and settlers”.

A related fact that has received scant media attention is that looking only at females killed, Israeli fatalities have far outnumbered Palestinian fatalities.

10 Responses to “Mahathir never ceases to surprise”
  1. leekh says:

    Our sympathies with our own kind must not prevent us from seeing the atrocities and injustices perpetrated by our own kind. For justice and truth to prevail we must keep a balanced perspective. Revenge and hatred will move in an ever vicious cycle. Everybody suffers. All will be destroyed. Malaysia must not participate in this revenge cycle!

  2. Das says:

    An “arsehole” will always remain as “arsehole”, bro! He knows very well that so long as he keep them (the Malays) at bay with his lies, UMNO Baru will still survive! This man is still living in the era of the eighties when he was considered a “pharoh” by his subordinated. But times have changed and he is still stuck in the “time tunnel or well” which he created! For the so called “good deeds” he did for Malaysians in his 22 years in power, he undid same in 22 seconds the day he stepped down! As the old saying goes, what goes around comes back…and in Tun’s case his own stupid undoing! History will judge him for the atrocities he did to the Tunku before helming UMNO and later creating UMNO Baru! God bless Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed because “pay back time” is just round the corner!!!!!!


  3. Rollie Kenmore says:

    Paper Mate’s Pink Pearl erasers are made in Malaysia…

    Please boycott all products made in Malaya…

    It is an evil country…

  4. Anything shenanigan Mahathir is for gets mine and million of others to go against it !
    Just like because he is a muslim I and million of non muslims will never become a muslim
    such is the bad example of him as a muslim.
    Also it is time the shenanigans to be ignored completely by the media, and stop giving any
    more publicity to him or to the vomits he is polluting Malaysia with.

  5. charleskiwi says:

    We all know why this pariah Mahathir will never have the courage, not that he has any, to read
    all that is written about him plus he is no answer to them. He knows he will never getting good
    to say about him other than those outside his own blog.
    More than 90% at least that has anything positive to say or write about him, chances are they
    were and are either written by himself or his cronies.
    Have you ever read anything good about him ? Also he is surely the most hated man in Malaysia


    Beware the strong wrath of God
    When mankind is not totally in one accord
    In acknowledging Him in the manner they can afford
    But waste time by tying things up in unnecessary cord

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 080810
    Sun. 8th Aug. 2010.

  7. charleskiwi says:

    The Malay muslims were not muslims until the
    Arabs, Turks traders and the Chinese muslim Admiral Cheng Hoe came just a few hundred years ago and got the Malays to convert themselves as muslims. So who were they or shall I say what religion did the Malays embrace before then ? They were not borne as Muslims ?
    May be the pariah Mahathir is able to give an answer to this question instead of diverting peoples’ attention the Palestine’s problem instead.

  8. Malaysian Legend says:

    Unbelievable comments of hate. Malaysians needs more than a government change!

  9. Maz says:

    Mahathir has been a mentally unbalanced immature and jealous
    psycopath since birth. He hates Jews because they are capable
    of doing all things he can’t. His childish and pathetic whining
    is indicative of a child stuck in the anal stage of psychological
    development. Mahathir is ill-bred and ill-mannered and was
    never properly raised by his parents who were poorly educated
    and crass.

    In the ten minutes that Mahathir rants about Israel and Jews,
    another Jew wins a Nobel Prize, makes a scientific discovery
    and the Israeli per capita GNP increases by 1 % leaving
    Mahathir, Malaysia and ‘Malaysia Boleh’ further behind.

    The Tunku was spot on about Mahathir being a miscreant
    and highly unethical and this pathetic loser is an embarrassment
    to Malaysia, Malay culture and the world.

  10. mokhz says:

    Once upon a time . . . there was a country that had a very well-known leader.

    These are some of the facts about this leader :

    He wrote a book about racial issues.
    His country was poor until he industrialised it.
    He promoted the creation and manufacturing of the first national car.
    He promoted the development of science in his country .
    He made sure that his country hosted a world-class sports event.
    Large and impressive stadiums were built for that purpose.
    He had to deal with a severe currency devaluation.
    He insisted that the problems of his country were due to a conspiracy by Jews, foreign powers and obscure elements.
    He criticised the major powers of the world.
    Most of the countries in the world criticised him, but some said he was right.
    He reduced political opposition to an insignificant level, and the press was controlled by him.
    He had a number two who called for reforms and caused the
    jealousy of other big shots in the party.
    His number two, who had been with him for around 17 years, was finally removed under accusations of homosexuality and treason.

    And the rest of the story is very well known……
    Does this person sound familiar to you ?
    Do you know who he is ?
    Are you sure ?
    Better think twice . . . . because you may be wrong! He was Adolf Hitler, the Nazi, the war criminal, the worst thought about this person in the history of this world..

    Now ask yourself, is it probable there is somebody like that living in our age & time in Malaysia???

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