Who made the police report on Helen Ang?

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

Was it Perkasa?


[Click on the images for the videos]

Both screenshots appear to be of the same person – Arman Azhar (Adha) Abu Hanafiah.

It is however rather difficult to ascertain without the ubiquitous tall headgear Arman usually wears which some of us are accustomed to (as shown in the featured photo).

He made a police report (the story appeared in TMI, FMT and Bernama) on CPI’s Helen Ang who wrote “Enforcing NEP on minority religions” which he claims was seditious. The referenced article was apparently brought to his attention by someone else (could it possibly be Big Dog?).

There is also a Malaysiakini report in which Arman claims that Helen is a protege to Raja Petra Kamarudin … that she was moulded, planted, and errr … sponsored .. but did not offer any evidence to support his contention except that it came from a source (hmmm .. Rocky, perhaps?).

Kekeke … hehehe … hahaahaaaa …!!!

I’m sorry, folks. I don’t think I can continue writing coz ‘connecting the dots’ is beyond me.

This police report is just utterly ludicrous to begin with.

And I hope the Agong is equally amused with Arman’s antics.

P.S. Helen, the Hartal team is in your corner.

6 Responses to “Who made the police report on Helen Ang?”
  1. Reina says:

    I may not agree with some of the things you write. But you have the right to voice your opinion and no one has the right or authority to take it away from you. We’re with you, Helen.

  2. farida says:

    Hi Helen,

    ‘Madness’ has a new name and it is ‘Perkasa’. And there are mad dogs around too.

    The in-word in UMNO and BN is now ‘sedition’.

    The in-word for us the rakyat is ‘treason’. Those who robbed the rakyat of their fundamental rights, stole money from the national coffers, damaged and destroyed our institutions of justice and gave pretenders the seats of power to dispense injustice, allow corruption and protect criminals in the Cabinet, Parliament and BN should be hauled up for treason against the people and the nation.

    Truth does not fear liars. It’s always the other way round.

    And that’s why the liars are now very loud. Unthinking mouthpieces wanting to ingratiate themselves with one-upmanship tactics.

    But the honourable Malay knows, and believe me there are so many around who feel ashamed at the antics and the name-calling.

    Truth will prevail. And where did i read that the wicked will fade away? Can’t wait for that time to come!

  3. amoker says:

    Helen, my support too.

    this UMNO/Perkasa/Perwira/Perjasa/Perkosa morph has to stop sometimes. It is a terrible charade by UMNO

  4. telurdua says:

    In those photographs I see a bigoted and ignorant fool.

    If he had attended school it sure was a waste of taxpayers’ money. Apparently education did nothing for him. Poor sod.

  5. Helen Ang says:

    Thanks guys & everyone who sent their messages of support.

    Err, since I’m here, pinjam sikit airtime, boleh tak?

    The blogger Antares is reissuing his music in CD format. To find out more, about his album, please visit

    Well Helen, to paraphrase that infamous sms – “I am seeing IGP at 11am today … matter will be solved … be cool” – Hartal sez “We met the charlady at the Sentul police station at 11pm on Monday .. matter will be shelved .. be kool” – shar101.

  6. Antares says:

    Thanks very much for the plug, Helen. That Arman character looks utterly ridiculous in his high songkok – classic villain, another corrupt high priest of Amenoism! Not someone you’d care to bump into walking down a dark alley… shudder 🙂

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