How do Umno people get privileged info before others?

The issue of ‘new evidence’ on the Teoh Beng Hock case has grabbed everyone’s attention. Abdul Gani Patail, the Attorney-General, was reported as having the intention of submitting a ‘note’ found in Beng Hock’s slingbag (albeit supposedly ‘two months’ after his death) which may have a bearing on the final outcome of the inquest. Coincidentally, … Continue reading

Suicide attempt: So where’s the Komtar Adun?

The photo (pinched from Malaysiakini) shows a lot of drama. Food for thought: Isn’t a person working for a media organization confronted with an ethical dilemma in such a situation? Should any one of the journalists or photographers have stopped the man from trying to set himself on fire? Their job requires them to write … Continue reading