How do Umno people get privileged info before others?

The issue of ‘new evidence’ on the Teoh Beng Hock case has grabbed everyone’s attention.

Abdul Gani Patail, the Attorney-General, was reported as having the intention of submitting a ‘note’ found in Beng Hock’s slingbag (albeit supposedly ‘two months’ after his death) which may have a bearing on the final outcome of the inquest.

Coincidentally, Dr Pornthip is also scheduled to give a testimony on her autopsy findings on 18th August in the same coroner’s court.

Richard Loh, a blogger, has succinctly extrapolated the possibilities in relation to the belated submission of this ‘new evidence’:

  • They need to search for samples of Beng Hock’s handwriting in Chinese.
  • They need to source for an expert forger, presumably a foreigner that is easier to buy over and has no affection or concern for the country’s welfare.
  • They need to study what is to be written; this delay has made forgery slightly easier because they have heard all that was said in the inquest, interviewed all the family members, friends and foes.

Of course, Rocky too, had to have his say on the matter with ‘TBH: Why the AG was not holding back evidence‘, followed by the ‘bold’ statement ‘The Document believed to be a Suicide Note’.

Meanwhile, Selangor state-appointed counsel Malik Imtiaz Sarwar took to task today the Attorney-General for exposing details of “new evidence” which had not been tendered in the ongoing inquest into Beng Hock’s death, as reported in TMI.

In the same TMI article, it was mentioned – The existence of the “suicide note” had been leaked earlier to pro-Umno blogs and this has contributed further to widespread public disbelief about the integrity of the new evidence the AG plans to tender in court.

We would also like to add the recent case of Haris Ibrahim in which, till today, he is still unaware as to who made the police report whilst (in the same afternoon when it was made) a MSM reporter had called Haris to seek a statement on the matter. How did the reporter know who to call?

Therefore, would it be fair to conclude that the concept of ‘disclosure’ as practised by the BN administration and by extension, the government institutions, has been usurped by vested political interests.

And that pro-UMNO/BN personalities are more likely to obtain privileged information well in advance of an event.

7 Responses to “How do Umno people get privileged info before others?”
  1. TOKZ says:


    PAKATAN RAKYAT is just trying to CAPITALIZE on this episode to gain POLITICAL MILEAGE.

    While TEOH’s family members are suffering from GRIEF & SADNESS; PAKATAN RAKYAT is REJOICING from the constant MEDIA headlines they are getting out of this case.

    • hungry_ghost says:

      Bright spark, why don’t u deliver your view to TBH’s sister in person. Maybe she will thanks you. Not to forget the whole family may feel better by your “simpati”….But, make sure u stay home during the Hungry Ghost month or else TBH may come & pay u a visit to thank you himself!!
      Yes, look behind u now….he may be watching u!

  2. Paul Warren says:

    I believe that that note is indeed a suicide note written by Teoh Beng Hock. I also believe that Paris Hilton is a virgin. I also believe that Tun Mahathir has never said a lie. I also believe that Altantuya never came into Malaysia. So how can she be dead if she was supposed to have been killed in Malaysia? As for Rocky! Well. I can only say I feel sorry for him. Being born (presumably) and educated in Singapore apparently has been wasted on him!!

  3. kee says:

    How i wish and i really wish God will kill some of these heartless and souless beings… One of them is TOKZ, fit to be in hell and be burnt forever, i hope he cant sleep from now on, i really pity his mother …

  4. UMNO says:

    Kee, sorry to tell you there is no God Almighty in this universe but there is a God Almighty in Malaysia. It’s name is UMNO.

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