Suicide attempt: So where’s the Komtar Adun?

The photo (pinched from Malaysiakini) shows a lot of drama.

Food for thought: Isn’t a person working for a media organization confronted with an ethical dilemma in such a situation? Should any one of the journalists or photographers have stopped the man from trying to set himself on fire?

Their job requires them to write the story and take the photos. But as a human being, one’s instinct is to help or to prevent an attempted suicide. Say, you see a road accident, what do you do first – extricate the victim from the car wreck or take a photo of the scene?

Another example: the Rodney King beating where the Los Angeles police (white officers) had brutalized a black suspect. Should the man who taped the beating have intervened? But if he did, the incident would not have been recorded. Ultimately, the airing of the assault video clip created tremendous impact and repercussions.

Bernama reported that Teoh Bak Seng, 53, doused himself with petrol because his business in Komtar had been suffering losses. Teoh said the second floor – where his coffee shop is located and where the CM and other Penang exco members park their cars – had had its most of its entrances sealed for security reasons, causing him to lose customers.

The state assemblyman for Komtar is Ng Wei Aik. He’s also political secretary to Lim Guan Eng and credited as managing editor of the Rocket, DAP’s newsletter.

Ng had famously denounced Najib Razak for the latter’s slow response to the Gaza flotilla episode:

“… one day soon after Israel’s military operation against the Gaza flotilla, [Ng Wei Aik] saw that his party, the DAP, had beaten Najib Razak to the clock. The prime minister was being tardy, Ng complained. ‘He took 12 hours to register his anger,’ a news portal quoted Ng on Najib’s remarks (the prime minister had twitted his response).”

It’s been more than 12 hours now since the Komtar “humanitarian crisis”. As Komtar Adun, has Ng responded yet to his distressed constituent in his own office building who tried to kill himself? After all, he was so super quick to react in sympathy to the Palestinian cause thousands of miles away.

Postscript: Komtar is a dark, dingy mall that Penangites shun. Ng should think about refurbishing what was once in the 1980s a thriving shopping complex and give a boost to its current businesses as well as assist its traders — like the 53-year-old Teoh who’s suicidal.

Ng might want to go for a Lawatan Sambil Belajar to Gaza Mall.

17 Responses to “Suicide attempt: So where’s the Komtar Adun?”
  1. d'evil says:

    How come he did go ahead and light the fire? What kind of suicide attempt is this? I have no sympathy for him.

    • TOKZ says:

      My oh My dear d’evil,

      Ain’t you one saddist bastard??? You really wanna see someone getting —- or —– only do you regard as —— ar???

      Well if you do believe in —–, I foresee the below will happen to you:

      1) Your —– getting —– in a horrible ——–. He will — die but will be ——- in this condition till he takes his last breath.

      2) Your —— will be —– by some ———. She might be — but the —— will ——- her as if she is a ——– whore.

      3) Your ———– or —- will be going around asking —- to —- her for —-. This is due to them contracting some kind of —————- & thus resulting them to think as if ——— means ——. I will be one of those —– to —- your ———— or —– until they ——. They will be ——- & ——– as if they —— had got —— with a ——– before.

      4) As for you…you will be ——- sadly witnessing all these events right before your eyes.

      Now, do you call the above ——- or ——– ??? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!
      Are we having fun yet, TOKZ – shar101.

      • Chong Chiu Chen says:

        Yalor, this fella called d’evil is really a saddist man.

        I pity the man who doused himself with petrol. It’s already susah enough to cari makan these days but instead of Lim Guan Eng stepping in to help this poor man……Guan Eng made it more difficult for the poor man.

        Mari kami MUSNAHKAN Pakatan Rakyat!!!

    • jeremy lee says:

      Those who want to commit suicide will just do it, others put up a show but dare not do it.

  2. TOKZ says:

    I initially thought PENANG will flourish when PAKATAN RAKYAT took over since the last G,E. but till date there had been more DISAPPOINTMENTS than SUCCESS in Penang. As days & months goes by, PENANGITES is getting extremely DISGRUNTLED & ANGRY with the way PAKATAN RAKYAT (especially LIM GUAN ENG) is handling the State affairs.

    LIM GUAN ENG (Chief Minister of Penang) will be SURELY VOTED OUT come the next G.E. It’s time to THROW this SON OF A COMMUNIST back to CHINA!!!

    • Jerry says:

      Hi TOKZ,

      Yes, I agree with your comment.

      I had been living in Penang for the past 30 years & I can confirm with you the progress & developments of which Lim Guan Eng brought to the State is till date “minimal”. Furthermore, what I find even more shameful is that the Federal Govt. agencies in Penang are doing more great jobs compared to the State Government.

      BN may be corrupted but at least we witnessed progress & developments taking place. The iconic Penang Bridge was built by the BN Govt. but what on earth had Pakatan Rakyat been doing? “NOTHING!”, you know?

      I would rather VOTE for a party of which bring positive progress & developments rather than a part of which only know how to merely “Talk, Bull Shit & Sing Song”

      Hokkien people will soon tell Lim Guang Eng to “HOR LANG KAN” (that’s if you know what I mean)
      Woi Jerry, you and TOKZ sharing the same (IP add PC again ah? Summor email reference ‘’ was just simply bantai finger slide on the keyboard ke?. Mau tipu mesti smart sikit lah boy – shar101.

      • TOKZ says:


        If TOKZ is JERRY or JERRY is TOKZ & if these two dudes shares the same IP address, then, I must be seeing GHOST by now.

        Aeyyy???? How come I see NO GHOST???

        Maybe TEOH BENG HOCK ghost???


      • TOKZ says:

        Hi TOKZ,

        I think it’s either:

        1) This bloke called “shar101” is HALLUCINATING seeing our IP ADDRESS as the same.

        2) This bloke had RAN OUT of CONSTRUCTIVE IDEAS on how to tackle our incoming comments. It’s HARD to tackle comments when they consist of FACTS & TRUTH. I foresee he’ll have a HARD time though.
        Gotcha and it’s a slamdunk. TOKZ speaks to TOKZ – shar101.

  3. TOKZ says:

    Thanks, Jerry!

    I’m just writing what I honestly feel.

    Facts doesn’t hide & if Lim Guan Eng & gang are truthfully doing a great job, then, who would be so free to criticize (let alone condemn), ya?

    The destruction of Kampung Buah Pala was the prelude of Pakatan Rakyat’s failure to govern. Later, more & more of such episodes came along. It’s better to get Pakatan Rakyat shifted out of Penang. Sad to say, Pakatan Rakyat is killing the entire Penang. They run Penang as if Penang is China during Mao Tze Tung days. Please get GERAKAN back to Penang or even MCA!!! We are in need of desperate help!!!

    Teng Hock Nan, can you hear us Penangites screaming in vain??? We are being TORTURED, ABUSED & KILLED by COMMUNIST LIM, SON & GANG.

    Time to BLAST the RED ROCKET & send it back to PLUTO!!!
    Unbelievable! This bloke talks to himself and actually publishes the conversation – shar101.

    • Ismail Ibrahim says:

      Dear Sir,

      You are wrong and you must not make judgment before full investigation. You must check with reliable sources and just dont depend on TV3/Utusan. Eversince 2008 Election. the BN g’ment is tarnishing all P.R states and finally they got back Perak. Lately, they are attacking Sgor.

  4. casper says:

    Strictly by the Penal Code, any attempt of ‘”self harm” or suicide, is a punishable offense. Jail time and a fine may be warranted or person being institutionalized, provides recourse.

    From press reports, the man seems under financial constraint BUT for him to threaten self harm at a public space is an act of negligence no less, especially when we consider he came armed with his personal bottle of petrol.

    Not to sound callous but Pakatan Rakyat states have been bombarded with numerous acts disturbance, accusations of highhandedness in its administration, corruption etc have been leveled by BN ‘citizens’ if not UMNO outright.

    I strongly suggest Pakatan reps start picking the right spots to hit back but not go “tit for tat” at every instance. Ultimately, UMNO/BN have made their intentions known, their only interest is to cause inconvenience to disrupt Pakatan Rakyat from administering their respective constituency and state administration.

    We owe it to Teoh Beng Hock if nothing else.

    When Khir Toyol was hard pressed to answer for his multi-million mansion and his administering of PKNS and when Mrs.Toyol herself was implicitly involved with an illicit transfer of fund, MACC got into the act of shifting focus to haul in DAP personnel, long story short, Teoh Beng Hock’s life was cut short.

    We owe it to ourselves to put a stop to them monkeys running amuck and making a mockery out of every M’sian.

    • TOKZ says:

      Hi CASPER,

      Thanks but pls note the following:

      1) You wrote “We owe it to Teoh Beng Hock if nothing else”.
      MY COMMENT: Ooiii!!!! Teoh Beng Hock committed SUICIDE lah. Don’t you know there’s a SUICIDE NOTE found??? Get read NEWS ar???.

      2) You also wrote “any attempt of ‘”self harm” or suicide, is a punishable offense.
      MY COMMENT: That Poor man who doused himself with pertol is NOT even scared of DYING. What’s the big deal of a punishable offence??? This is what LIM GUAN ENG had been doing to PENANGITES!!! Nothing GOOD but DAMAGE< DAMAGE & DAMAGE!!!

  5. TOKZ says:

    AZMIN ALI plotted a SPY CAM in KHALID IBRAHIM’s office.

    “Tussle for MB Selangor post thickens”!!!

    Read all about it:

  6. TOKZ says:

    I just knew this will be happening soon (referring to AZMIN-KHALID-SPY CAM saga)

    Before they are VOTED-IN, they preach “KAMI AKAN SELAMATKAN RAKYAT”

    After they get VOTED-IN, they can’t give a FARK about ‘the rakyat’ while trying to KILL one another so that they can SUCK ‘the rakyat’ MONEY at AUTO CRUISE MODE.

    DAP had just done that with their TEE-RONNIE-TENG blockbuster!!!


    Let’s keep a mental note
    Of what’s found in a tote
    That will influence the vote
    Of all inside and outside the cote

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 120810
    Thur. 12th Aug. 2010.

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