Tsk, tsk, tsk, Guan Eng does it again

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

If you’ll look at Lim Guan Eng’s blog @ http://mychiefministerlimguaneng.blogspot.com/

you can see he posted his ‘Selamat Menyambut Ramadan Al-Mubarak’ message on Tuesday.

Ref. screenshot above. He ends his greeting with ‘Amal maaruf nahi mungkar’ (wrong!) – a phrase which has become his state government’s de facto Islamic motto.

In LGE’s own winding-up speech to the state assembly on Nov 20, 2008 (which you can read here, see point No.48), he himself admitted:

48. Begitu juga isu penggunaan kalimah amar makruf nahi mungkar. Ia merupakan salah satu maksud dari kalam Allah yang terkandung di dalam al-Quran yang menjelaskan ciri-ciri yang sepatutnya dimiliki oleh orang Islam. Ia bermaksud menyuruh melakukan kebaikan dan mencegah daripada melakukan kemungkaran. Jabatan Mufti bersetuju telah berlaku kesilapan dalam penulisan ejaan yang terdapat di banner atau poster sempena sambutan hari raya idul fitri baru-baru ini. Tiada istilah bagi amal mahruf nahi mungkar. Bagi persoalan sama ada istilah ini boleh digunakan oleh orang bukan Islam atau digunakan oleh sesebuah negeri sebagai satu slogan atau pendekatan, Jabatan ini berpandangan bahawa pendekatan atau slogan amar makruf nahi mungkar yang ingin dibawa oleh Y.A.B. Ketua Menteri adalah satu pendekatan yang baik.

So the upshot of it is this. Back in late 2008, LGE who was posturing as more Muslim than your regular Malay guy, had already got the banners and billboards all across Penang state with the word ‘Amal makruf nahi mungkar’ misspelled (it should correctly be ‘amar makruf nahi mungkar’).

Penang Umno took him to task for it back then. You’d have thought LGE would have learned that he made a mistake.

Now, again this week, in his state greeting on Ramadhan, LGE is still trying to out-Islamize PAS and Umno combined. And guess what? He got the Islamic phrase wrong one more time.

We know that some Chinese find it difficult to roll their tongues around the letters ‘r’ and ‘l’. But distinct pronunciation aside, LGE is even having difficulty in differentiating the two alphabets in writing. Is he dyslexic or what?

FOLLOW-UP ARTICLE: Guan Eng’s mistake – big deal or no big deal?

7 Responses to “Tsk, tsk, tsk, Guan Eng does it again”
  1. umar rentaka says:

    Just a spelling mistaka la….
    It’s the intent that is important..
    Doing it twice is being intentionally cavalier – shar101.

    • umar rentaka says:

      Ha Ha Ha…
      I have a fellow Chinese Hare Krishna monk living in the
      same temple as me. I used to tease him when he says
      “pray” as “play”. He does all the time despite me teasing
      him every time.

  2. Ahmad Syafiq says:

    No better issue to address ar Charles Hector? It’s just a bloody spelling mistake, so what? You’re making a big fuss out of it.
    Huh … Charles Hector???? I didn’t know he’s on the HartalMSM team – shar101.

  3. lilian says:

    I am a blogger and wish to point out that the blog URL mentioned in your article is NOT the Chief Minister’s official blog. As far as I know, his official blog resides at the Penang dot gov dot my URL. Here it is:

    And if you wish to get real time updates, you may want to follow CM on twitter or join the Facebook page as CM personally tweets and some of his press conferences, press statements and photos/videos are updated by CM’s staff. I am a video journalist working in the communication dept of CM’s office but I am writing this as a blogger.

    CM’s Facebook here : http://www.facebook.com/pages/CM-Lim-Guan-Eng/127235530639890
    Lilian, thank you for pointing out the official Penang Chief Minister’s web-blog. Please read HartalMSM’s new posting where further details on this matter has been uploaded – shar101.

  4. Crankster says:

    It irritates me when people try to use phrases foreign to them and confidently get it wrong.

    That’s like using bombastic words – in the wrong context!!!

  5. mut says:

    It means enjoin/call for doing good and the prevention of doing bad – something like that.

    What is the issue actually? A case of Islamophobia or did someone step on the toes a spelling bee judge?

    • hartalmsm says:

      Ha-ha-ha, don’t think you’d be able to pass even the preliminary round of a spelling bee. People who throw the ‘Islamophobia’ catch-all as the first choice method of argument (or shutting down debate) usually have the limited vocabulary of Ibrahim Ali. Our posting ‘Insulting Islam!!!‘ just uploaded is for you, mut.

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